Are you looking for a food topper trick to help your picky kitties eat a better diet? A moisture rich diet is the best diet for our feline friends, however some cats just don’t want to switch from their kibble or dry food to a healthier diet. Good news, we have some helpful tricks to get them to start eating better!

Our cats are desert animals and should be getting their moisture from their diet, cats by nature should have very low thirst drives. By feeding a moisture rich diet, which is lower in carbs and starches, it can help prevent diseases like kidney failure and diabetes as well as help your cat’s overall health. Our cats are obligate carnivores and they actually have no need for carbs and starches in their diet, however, they have to have meat in order to survive.

Let’s get back to getting that moisture in their food when you have a cat that is addicted to a kibble/dry food diet. I have so many people message me saying they have tried every canned food in the store and their cats won’t touch it. They just want dry food.

Food Topper Trick For Kibble Addicts

I know it can be so frustrating when we want to feed a healthier diet but our cats are having none of it. Trust me I get it. I believe I  have one of the pickiest cats in the world! In his defense, we think he is dealing with IBD but still I have bought so much canned and frozen cat food, it’s crazy. I finally got him eating good and I want to share what worked for me.

In addition to being picky about food, it was very hard for me to find treats that my guy liked. I finally found two that he really likes. I use these treats as food toppers and it’s working lovely! Take maybe ½ cup of treats and throw them in a blender, you can use a coffee grinder too. Zip it up until it’s a powder. I store it in an airtight container and just simply sprinkle it over a little bit of wet food to get him to eat it. You can mix some in the wet food too.

If your cat is really hooked on the dry food, take some of that dry food and grind it up (a pestle and mortar works well too!) and use that as a topper. This is a great tool for switching them over from dry to wet.

One last note, if you are feeding dry be sure to not leave the food down all day. Get your cats on a feeding schedule, this will really help when switching them to a healthier diet.




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