Should You Feed Your Cat A Vegetarian Diet?

As the animal slaughterhouses become more exposed, many people are transitioning their families to a vegetarian or vegan diet. In this process, some pet parents want their cats on a vegetarian diet as well. Let’s talk about why this isn’t a good idea, at all! I mean I...

Ingredients In Cat Treats You Shouldn’t Ignore

Do you ever look at the ingredients in cat treats you purchase at the store? Most cat parents make their treat buying decisions based on the fun, healthy or exciting packaging label, but oftentimes the ingredients don’t even match what’s inside the bag. My...

Can Cats Get Sick From Eating Raw Food?

We humans have been conditioned to believe that eating raw food comes with a big health risk, unless it’s sushi. Because we tend to humanize our kitties, we often feel the same risks apply when feeding a raw diet to our cats. Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter...

Why Do You Feed Your Cat Dry Food?

Have you ever stopped to consider why you feed your cat dry food? So many reasons pop into my head. It’s easy! My cats gobbles it up! My vet recommends the dry food I feed. I can afford it, it’s cheap, it comes in so many pretty colors! And did I mention the...

Are You Feeding Your Cat Too Much?

We humans tend to associate large meals with happy bellies, but cats are not humans and large meals are not what they were designed to eat. If you’re feeding your cat as you would your family members, this blog is for you. First, let’s establish that cats...
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