Do you ever look at the ingredients in cat treats you purchase at the store? Most cat parents make their treat buying decisions based on the fun, healthy or exciting packaging label, but oftentimes the ingredients don’t even match what’s inside the bag.

My journey of getting my pets on a better diet started when I was working for Dr. Karen Becker.  One of the top things she taught new clients was the importance of a high quality species appropriate diet. I remember the first time she told me to throw my great dane a raw chicken wing, I thought she was crazy!!   But soon I became a believer and got my dogs on a raw food diet.

Yes I admit my cats didn’t get a diet change for some time after my dogs diet was improved but they are all on a raw food diet now. I feel so good feeding a diet that I know is not only helping my crew survive but WOW they are thriving!

Then one day I was giving everyone a treat, I won’t mention the brand but it was not a healthy treat. FINALLY the light bulb went on, HEY! I’m feeding this amazing diet and then I’m following it up with CRAPPY treats!

What Ingredients Are In Your Cat Treats?

Just like a lot of pet food packaging, treat packaging can be very deceiving. They might talk about having vitamins in them, or have a picture of fresh fish on the label or my favorite has a claim that the treat “cleans teeth and freshens breath” Please!

So before you buy that bag of treats for your babies, flip the bag over and check out the ingredients. Here are some ingredients in cat treats you DON’T want: Corn, wheat, soy, any meat by-products, meat and bone meal animal digest, sugar, salt, colors (yellow 5, yellow 6, blue 2, red 3 and red 40), BHA, BHT and ethoxyquin.

What treat should you give your cats? I suggest giving a single protein treat such as freeze dried chicken, turkey, minnows etc. Remember our cats are obligate carnivores and need meat to survive so what better treat to give them, than just plain meat.


Recommended Cat Treats for your Cat


Minnow Munchies for Cats



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