Have you ever stopped to consider why you feed your cat dry food? So many reasons pop into my head. It’s easy! My cats gobbles it up! My vet recommends the dry food I feed. I can afford it, it’s cheap, it comes in so many pretty colors! And did I mention the convenience?!?!

My first cat ate dry food with an occasional canned food “treat” as we called it. She not only developed kidney disease but also had hyperthyroidism. She was skin and bones when we had to put her to sleep.

Never at that time did I think her diet had anything to do with her health conditions.

One of the biggest reasons pet owners feed their cats a dry food diet is because it’s easy and convenient. You just open the bag and dump it in the bowl. Bam! Done! Take a moment and think about that. We are opening a bag of highly processed, usually very low quality ingredients that have the heck cooked out of them. While the food is being made, something called “Animal Digest” (nasty by-products of meat) are sprayed on the outside of the dry food. Why, you ask? It’s to make it more palatable to our feline friends, otherwise most cats would not even think about eating the food. Pretty gross and sad.

I know it’s easy to dump some dry kibble in a bowl but how much harder is it to open a can of food? Yes, the bowl might be a bit harder to wash but come on! On a side note, if you do feed dry food, please dump what food your cat has not eaten in a 24 hour period and wash the bowl with soap and water. Please don’t just keep adding to the uneaten food.

As far as vet recommended prescription dry food, you might think you are getting a special food that has medicine in it or is formulated with high quality ingredients special for your cat’s health issues – but this is far from the truth.

If you feed your cat dry food only, consider adding some moisture rich food to it.

It’s a quick fix that can have a significant health impact for your kitty. Some ideas are meat including chicken, turkey, pork, beef, sardines etc. or you can simply open a can of wet food and start incorporating that into their diet for better health!



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