A cat’s food bowl can be a cesspool of bad bacteria. Many think that cats don’t need their dishes washed everyday because… they’re cats. After all, in the wild they’re not served their food on a silver platter. Right? However, they also don’t choose to eat their food in the nastiest place available when left on their own either.

Have you ever watched your cat eat dry food out of their bowl? They’ll often grab a piece and bring it outside the bowl to consume. Frequently this is because the smell of growing bacteria is overwhelming in their bowls. For real.

Cats are very clean beings. This is why keeping their litter scooped is so important – and failure to do this often leads to behavioral problems. Cats don’t roll around in mud puddles like dogs and kids do. 😉 They prefer to be tidy like us.

But here’s the real reason you want to clean your cat’s food bowl… 

The bacteria that builds up in an uncleaned dish increases the risk of illness in our cats. Increasing the risk of disease means that you, your kitty and your pocketbook are all going to hurt down the road. Why take that risk?

To quote an unlikely source – a commercial pet food company, “If you love them like family, feed them like family.

If you’re reading this blog it means that you care about your cat and want the best for him/her. Sometimes it’s the most simple things that we neglect as cat parents that can make the biggest difference.

Cleaning your cat’s food dish is one of the big ones.

All in all… if you wouldn’t feed yourself, your kids or your spouse from dirty dishes, don’t make your kitty eat from one. Take a little extra time and clean those dishes between meals!



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