Does The Temperature Of Cat Food Matter?

When it comes to getting our cats to eat their food, there are many things to consider. Texture, smell, location – all will affect the way our kitties eat their meals. But does the temperature of cat food matter too? I have been working with pets for many years....

Tips For Feeding Kibble

Most of you already know that we do not recommend feeding kibble to your cats unless absolutely necessary. Everyone has different circumstances – and sometimes dry food is the only option.  If you are feeding your cat kibble, it’s important to know safe storage...
Feeding Fresh Food To Your Cat

Feeding Fresh Food To Your Cat

If you have a kibble addicted kitty or one that’s been fed the same thing for awhile, feeding fresh food to your cat may be a challenge. Fresh food is the new way of saying unprocessed food. There’s enough information out there now for all of us to know...
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