If you have a kibble addicted kitty or one that’s been fed the same thing for awhile, feeding fresh food to your cat may be a challenge. Fresh food is the new way of saying unprocessed food. There’s enough information out there now for all of us to know that fresh food is healthier for us, yet even many veterinarians still push ultra processed foods for our kitties.

Have you ever wondered why this is?

Cats in the wild hunt their food. They do not cook their prey before enjoying their meals. This is because raw meat is their species appropriate diet. However, feeding cats a raw diet after they’ve been fed an ultra processed food can be difficult. Our kitties can get addicted to the starches and carbs in dry food. Plus, the cheap kibble is often coated in animal digest – which attracts cats.

Is there a happy medium between ultra processed and raw that cats would like?

When trying to get your kitty to eat a fresh food diet, you can gently cook the meat for them. As we know, cooking meat brings out the smells, and scents are what our kitties are attracted to. Kibble is cooked at extremely high temperatures of above 400 degrees. They do this to kill any bad bacteria that may exist in the often diseased meat that they include in the ingredients.

A fresh food diet would include only human grade ingredients, which will be free of disease. This means you won’t have to cook the crap out of it in order to avoid illness. It also means that you won’t kill all of the nutrients in it like they do in ultra processed foods.

You never want to cook the bones in your cat’s food, but you can either DIY gently cook your cat’s fresh food or purchase a gently cooked food for them. This is a great way to get them eating a better food – which results in a happier and healthier life!



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