It’s common for cat parents (especially those of us with multiple cats) to lay down the food and walk away. But did you know that your cat’s eating habits can tell you a lot about them?

It’s so easy for our furry friends to get lost in the shuffle when you have multiple cats or pets. We get into a routine, feed them all at the same time and sometimes we don’t even realize one has stopped eating until it’s too late and he or she is very sick. It’s so important to take note of how much your cat or cats are eating. We want to make sure they are eating enough calories everyday and here is why…

Cats WILL starve themselves if they don’t like their food. Just missing a single meal can be concerning because cats are highly susceptible to fatty liver disease aka hepatic lipidosis. If your cat doesn’t eat within 24 to 48 hours, they start to use fat that is stored for energy and this can result in liver malfunction.

The Importance of Your Cat’s Eating Habits

I’m a huge advocate for feeding a wet food diet. However, some cats are highly addicted to the carbs in dry food and will refuse to eat wet food. I still highly suggest switching them over to an all wet food diet but you HAVE to make sure they are consuming enough calories everyday so their liver doesn’t get hit. This means slowly weaning them off dry and onto a wet food.  If you want to switch to a wet diet and are having issues, please reach out to The Two Crazy Cat Ladies.

Cats can stop eating for many other reasons than just diet change. You have heard cats are creatures of habit. Well, cats do LOVE routine, so having regular feeding times are important. This goes for playtime too.

Monitoring your cat’s eating habits is so important for keeping an eye on their overall health. Poor eating can be a sign of dental issues, disease or they just might need a different food. So be sure your cat is eating well on a daily basis and if something changes with their eating habits be sure to get them into your vet.


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