Does Food Equal Happiness And Health?

The biggest reason that cats are overfed is because humans believe that food equals happiness. We also believe that our cats will be healthier and love us more if they have food available all the time. But nothing could be further from the truth. You see, many of us...

How To Help A Fat Cat

We know from experience that it can seem daunting to help a fat cat. We know their health is compromised and their lives are shortened by every extra pound they lug around. The same is true for us humans. And just as with us humans, obesity is an epidemic for our...
3 Tips For Exercising Your Cat

3 Tips For Exercising Your Cat

Indoor cats often seem aloof, especially after the age of 5. However, exercising your cat is so important because it will help extend his life. The excuse we always used before was “our cats don’t want to play”. Are you saying that in your head right...
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