Most of us love the holiday season and in our home the kitties do too! Because they are part of our family, we like to spend much of the Christmas holiday spoiling our cats. If you’re planning a holiday dinner, here are some human foods safe to share with cats this season.

Before we dive in, it’s important to note that you want to share these foods with your cats in moderation and in only it’s purest form. Consider putting aside a bit of these ingredients before spicing up the food so that your cats can enjoy a healthy treat!

Safe human holiday foods:

  1. Turkey or chicken meat without skin or fat. Cats are obligate carnivores and require animal protein in their diet to survive. The meat that you purchase for Christmas dinner is human grade, while the overwhelming majority of meat in processed cat food is not. Giving your cats some of your holiday turkey or chicken is not only yummy but also healthy!
  2. Green beans, carrots or asparagus. While most cats don’t prefer vegetables, adding a small amount of steamed green veggies or carrots to the dish is safe and a healthy addition to the plate.
  3. Pure pumpkin or sweet potatoes. These are both healthy fibers and many cats enjoy them! Don’t give your kitty a slice of pumpkin pie or your sweet potato soufflé, but both ingredients in their pure form are fun and healthy!

Unsafe human holiday foods to stay away from:

  1. Don’t give your cats any holiday food that you’ve made with onions or anything in the onion family, as they can be toxic to felines.
  2. Stay away from feeding anything with raisins in it.
  3. Stuffing is also not pet-friendly.
  4. Do not give your kitties chocolate!

While there are many other human foods safe to share with cats, we do want to remember to only give these foods in their pure form. Even consider cutting off some of the raw meat and add it to your kitty’s dish.

Also, if your cat has a sensitive tummy, just give a tiny amount of holiday dinner or none at all. Even if you’re unable to enjoy a holiday meal with your cats, you can still celebrate the festivities with them!


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