How To Help A Scared Cat

If you have a scared cat, it can be challenging to help them feel more confident, social, and secure. However, with some patience and persistence, you can help your cat overcome their fear and become a happy and confident feline. The first step in helping a scared cat...

Is Your Cat Licking Itself Bald?

Is your cat licking itself too much? Cats are clean animals, and they groom themselves multiple times per day. They do a good job of keeping themselves clean, which is why you don’t have to bathe your cats like you would your dog. However, if your kitty is...

Cats And Fireworks

The 4th of July is just a few days away – and this exciting celebration comes with something not so exciting for our cats. Fireworks. Cat and fireworks (much like thunderstorms or other sudden, loud noises) are not a good combination. The big bangs cause severe...

Confidence Building Sessions For Cats

It’s quite amazing to see how many different behavioral issues confidence building sessions help with kitties. Before spending an arm and a leg trying every product on the market, try this first. It is free, easy, and works wonders for cats. Confidence is...
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