Cats That Get Anxiety When You Leave

Now that the world is slowly opening back up and people are going back to work, our kitties are a bit confused. There are many cats that get anxiety when their owners suddenly are no longer there and we don’t want to ignore that. Cats, just like dogs or even...

Is Your Cat Scared Of The Car?

Most cats are scared of the car because it’s new territory, but us cat parents can help change that with some simple training. Our cats often don’t get taken to the vet for their regular checkups because of fear of traveling. This can reduce the chance of...

Is Your Cat Scared Of Certain Noises?

Is your cat scared of certain noises around the house or yard? We recently realized that our Littles (that’s what we call the kittens) are terrified of dogs barking. Since they’ve had no contact with dogs in their lifetime, to our knowledge, we can...

Music Therapy For Cats

Music has always been a go-to of mine when it comes to easing my anxiety. I play soft, happy tunes in the house all day long so as to keep myself sane. In college I wrote my thesis on Music Therapy because of the power it had on me. Have you ever thought of using...
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