Is your cat scared of certain noises around the house or yard? We recently realized that our Littles (that’s what we call the kittens) are terrified of dogs barking. Since they’ve had no contact with dogs in their lifetime, to our knowledge, we can understand why this would be frightening.

We have another cat that was scared of plastic bags. Whenever we’d go to change the trash bag he would run. While we have no idea where this phobia came from, there are things we can do to help.

Desensitization of certain noises that your cat is scared of is a great way to change their purrspective. Just like when preparing to travel with cats, we need to get them used to the things they fear. Associating a positive reaction to the fearful sound will help reduce their stress.

When we were at the veterinarian’s office and Jack and Madison heard the dog barking in the next room it was so sad. They ran into the carrier and sweet Maddie started shaking. I comforted them and told them it was okay.

But how does one without a dog find a barking dog for the Littles to get associated and desensitized? You do it online. Thanks to the internet, there are actually YouTube videos of just dogs barking.

Regardless of the noise that your kitty is fearful of, try making that noise once daily and reward your cat with a treat and love each time. It’s not going to work the first time, but over time doing this they will begin to see that this noise isn’t so bad. In fact, it’s a good noise now!


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