Music has always been a go-to of mine when it comes to easing my anxiety. I play soft, happy tunes in the house all day long so as to keep myself sane. In college I wrote my thesis on Music Therapy because of the power it had on me. Have you ever thought of using music to calm your cats?

Certain music has a calming effect on both people and pets. This is a simple way to help our kitties through stressful times, but it’s often forgotten when the stress comes. We tend to over complicate things.

At a cat convention a few years ago we met someone who said that she was finally able to get her overly anxious cat to the vet by following our advice and playing classical music on the car ride. With tears of happiness in her eyes she said her cat’s life was saved by that visit.

Whether you’re taking your cat to the vet, introducing new members or items to the household or your cat is just easily stressed… try music therapy. The studies show that cats enjoy classical music most, but I honestly think our cats prefer smooth jazz. Obviously you know your cats best, so pick the type of calming music that matches their personalities.

During loud holidays like Independence Day, Halloween and New Year’s Eve we turn up the music in the house. Fireworks can be extra stressful for pets so countering some of the loud noises with calming music is helpful.

In many veterinarian offices they will play calming music for the animals and themselves. The vet field can be very stressful and cats can smell the cortisol as soon as they arrive. Playing calming music can really help the overall experience of a vet visit as well.


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