Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. We always decorate our home as scary as possible to create an exciting experience for trick-or-treaters (and us). Even though we get a major thrill from this horrifically wonderful evening, our kitties are often less than thrilled – so here are some tips on how to keep your cats happy on Halloween.

1. Bring Your Cats Inside and Seclude them from The Scary Sounds

I recommend that you bring your cats in a few days prior to and after the holiday – simply because there are mean freaks out there who celebrate the holiday by trashing people’s properties before and after October 31st. You don’t want your cat exposed to this. There are also crazy people who sometimes come out and try to hurt animals. This is especially true for our poor black cats.

If your home is inviting to children on Halloween, your doorbell will be ringing constantly. This really puts our cats on edge. Also, with the door constantly being opened, there is the risk of your cat jetting out the door to find out what all the fuss is about.

Before the trick-or-treaters start arriving, put your fur babies in a room and turn on the TV or play some soothing music. This will help distract them from the sounds and you’ll have a better chance of having happy cats when you are ready for bed.

2. Don’t Put a Costume On Your Cat Unless You Know They’ll Love It

Most cats don’t function well in costumes – but some cats do. Our cats don’t even like to wear a collar, so dressing them up is out of the question. Don’t make them uncomfortable for your own entertainment. Be kind to your kitty. If your cat is one of the rare types who actually enjoys wearing clothes, please take pictures and send them to us so we can showcase them on our YouTube show!

3. Hide Electrical Wires and Cords Well

Our Halloween decor includes lots of lights and dancing skeletons. These props require extension cords and excess wires. Especially when anxious, cats will sometimes chew these cords – putting them at risk to be shocked or hurt. Be sure to hide your wires and cords out of reach of your cats for the Halloween holiday.

October-Cat4. Use LED Candles for Your Pumpkins

Our cat once put his tail into a candle on the kitchen counter and caught the end of it on fire. While it didn’t seem to bother him (we caught it right away), it could have been really bad. LED lights or other battery operated lights in your pumpkin will ensure that your curious feline friend doesn’t get torched.

5. Candy Is for Kids – Not for Cats

I’m putting this one last because I’m sure everyone reading this knows to not give your cat Halloween candy. Most cats won’t eat things that they know are toxic to them – but some cats will. Be sure to keep your Halloween candy bowl out of reach from your cats on and before the holiday. Most candies can make them horribly ill and/or mess up their digestive tract. Make sure your children know not to feed the cats candy as well.

Following these 5 simple tips will keep your cats happy on Halloween – and allow you to enjoy all the tricks and treats of the day with peace of mind.


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