This week we enjoyed returning home from a week long road-trip to our house full of Happy Cats! Please enjoy a peak at playtime to start off this week’s episode!  Yes, we know our babies would prefer to play on carpet – but we couldn’t resist a little slip and slide… 🙂

A bit about our trip:

It is our belief that a good old-fashioned road-trip is one of the most underrated vacations. Exotic destinations and luxurious amenities are great – but you still can’t beat a cooler full of snacks, great tunes and the kind of conversation that only grows with miles on the road. Not to mention the eclectic pleasure of meeting the people that live all along our spontaneous stops… Charlie (at Venice on the Beach Hotel), Mark (at Massaro & Santos in Monterey), Lucia (at Nepenthe in Big Sur) and Sugar (in San Luis Obispo). We collected almost as many memories as miles on the road last week – and as most everyone knows (especially if you have cats), the only thing better than a great vacation is a happy homecoming. And what makes for a happy homecoming? Happy Cats!

Cat Tip of the Day:

Most of us crazy cat lovers know that our feline friends do not care about Saturdays or sick days – they enjoy their regular routine – no matter your plans for the day. Cats actually get anxiety when something is ‘off’ and sometimes this anxiety can turn into ‘acting out’ in unpleasant or disruptive ways… or just obvious and sullen resentment (as with our Mr. Bittles). So while vacation time may be our long-awaited chance to travel or relax, our cats only know we are screwing up their vibe.

If you’re heading out on a trip, take notice of your cat’s regular routine. If possible, have a friend come cat-sit or make daily drop-ins that help keep your cat on his normal schedule. If your friend is truly awesome, maybe they’ll even keep the litter scooped. 🙂 These little efforts can make all the difference for our sweet babes.

Being gone for a whole week is very rare at our house – we usually keep our trips to weekends – so we were very blessed to have Jae’s parents (who are local and love our babies) come by every day. We know it’s not always possible to find the perfect people to accommodate our cats quirky comforts while we’re away, but they sure do seem to appreciate it when we do!

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