UrinaryCAT Plus

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Our all-natural UrinaryCAT Plus is the formula your cat needs to promote optimum urinary tract health and healing. This liquid product promotes acidity in your cat’s urine, creating a pH balance that protects against urinary tract problems. Great for eliminating UTIs in cats.


Purrfect for:

  • UTIs, Bladder Stones & Urine Crystals
  • Eliminating Harmful Urinary Tract Bacteria
  • Strengthening Bladder Lining
  • Reducing Inflammation
  • Improving Immune Function
  • Promoting Quicker Healing

Our liquid supplement is easy to use and made with naturally occurring organic ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and Helix water.

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UrinaryCAT Plus liquid formula is a simple addition into your cat's wet food. It is pure vitamin C supplement (ascorbic acid) that helps improve the acidity of your cat’s urine, helping remedy many common urinary problems. This product also strengthens your cat’s immune system, helping him or her overcome the issues and prevent future health problems. Great for eliminating UTIs in cats.

How it Works:

Add 15 drops to wet food or small amount of water, twice daily until symptoms subside.

For General Maintenance: Add 10 drops to wet food or water once daily.

Ingredients: Ascorbic Acid – 10%, Helix Water – 90%  10 drops = 250 mg of Vitamin C

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32 reviews for UrinaryCAT Plus

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  1. Elizabeth

    This worked great for my cat with UTI problems! Can’t beat it at this price either! Lasts for months!

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  2. Elizabeth

    Follow up – My cat, Tattoo, hasn’t had another UTI since starting this product. He hasn’t gone this long without one in a reeeeally long time. Thanks girls!

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  3. GhostRider (Verified Customer)

    I’m going to give it a 5, but it was for my grandcat, and I don’t know if they’ve tried it yet. I certainly loved the service!

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  4. Joanne Halpin (Verified Customer)

    Very helpful. I highly recommend this product.

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  5. Freda (Verified Customer)

    My cat has been on this for 3 weeks along with Cat Calm. She suffers from feline idiopathic inflammation. I have done a lot of reading and part of this is due to stress. So far it has helped but need to give it more time. If it helps 100%, I will give this a 5 star rating.

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  6. Kristina (Verified Customer)

    After a couple years of on again, off again litterbox issues for my boy, I’m happy to say he has not had 1 single issue since using this Urinary CAT Plus. He had urinary crystals prior and Rx food was not doing the trick… this works.

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  7. Nancy Adams (Verified Customer)

    Seems to help my 9 year old boy with his idiopathic bladder issues. Give it to him on his food several times a week. He’s also on Hill’s Science Diet C/D Stress dry and canned cat food.

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  8. Elaine Trisuzzi (Verified Customer)

    Urinary Cat Plus is an effective safe product
    which I recommend.

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  9. Diana Nashban (Verified Customer)

    My cat, Lilypad, had stones removed and her urine became highly alkaline. UrinaryCat Plus has helped bring the alkaline number down.

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  10. Pat Racine (Verified Customer)

    Wish I had this product for my other cat who had crystals in his bladder and wouldn’t eat anything for them he was supposed to. My current cat started to have same issues and this product had been a lifesaver. There is no smell or taste so he eats his wet food with this in it. No problems since started using this product. Love!

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  11. Noreen Hepple (Verified Customer)

    UTI bottle. We are trying all things from the vet. Not working with out going in every month for a shot, tried this and in the first week my Mom noticed the cat doing very well. feeling better and back to his purring self. So far so good.

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  12. Pam Webster (Verified Customer)

    I had gotten this because my cats’ urine started to smell really strong. After having been on this for about a week, it now smells normal again. Thanks!

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  13. Dwight Inokuma (Verified Customer)

    I love this product. My 2 boys haven’t had any issues with Struvite Crystals and UTI since I started using this. It’s the only thing they’ll take.

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  14. Ivette Vargas (Verified Customer)

    Only wish I would have found it sooner! My kitty Mango ended up getting blocked due to struvite crystals in his bladder So we definitely don’t want a repeat of such a traumatic experience. This amazing product keeps the ph in his urine balanced, giving me peace of mind, and he is doing really well. Thank you so much!

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  15. Sara (Verified Customer)

    A year ago one of my male cats had a full urinary blockage that resulted in hospitalization. The vet’s solution for prevention was to feed him a prescription diet the rest of this life as this is a condition that often repeats itself. I had no desire to feed him a prescription diet so instead we switched him to a high moisture wet food with human grade ingredients and give him these drops with breakfast each morning. We have gone an entire year without any urnianry flare ups! I credit that to these drops!

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  16. Marissa (Verified Customer)

    I use this as a preventative for my cat who has gotten a couple of UTI’s and it honestly works great! I highly recommend.

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  17. Madison Moreno

    THANK YOU Ladies for another fantastic product! Aramis had his annual about three weeks ago and on his urine test he had crystals. I started the Urinary Cat right away! Today, at his dental, we checked his urine again and NO CRYSTALS! This product is amazing!

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  18. William Milligan (Verified Customer)

    After enduring the pain and discomfort of a UTI, the freeloaders were stuck with a very limited diet. But UrinaryCAT Plus has freed them from that lame prescription diet racket, and now they’re on better quality food without some bogus prescription. No struvite stones, no crystals, and no blockages. Normal, happy trips to the litter box. Thank you Ladies for a solution and opening up a better diet for the boys.
    Of course, they got suspicious when they saw me squirting a few drops in their food, so I told them it was a supplement to help them lay in the sun longer.

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  19. Deborah McCullough (Verified Customer)

    This product maintains my Snow’s urinary health– it is part of her daily regimen

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  20. Laura O. (Verified Customer)

    I have not tried this yet but i give the botyle a 5 cuz it opens.

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  21. Mimi Hand (Verified Customer)

    So far so good . At least he is eating his wet food along with Feeline in it . He is doing better .

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  22. McKenzie (Verified Customer)

    All I can say is thank you! We found out my cat had a massive bladder stone and I really didn’t want to have to do surgery. Decided to try changing diet first.. she refused to eat the prescription diet, so she’s been on Nulo freestyle wet food and this supplement for a month. Just had her rechecked today and the xray showed it was almost completely dissolved! My vet was shocked.

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  23. Amy Tavares (Verified Customer)

    Good to always have on hand. In my location booking a vet emergency appointment can be near impossible, so from here on out I keep a bottle of Urinary Cat Plus stored in the fridge. This has been a great urinary crystal preventative, but I’ve been keeping the cats on a wet food only diet and no urinary blockages for a long time.

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  24. Tina W. (Verified Customer)

    So far Mr. Leo has not had any more UTI or cystitis symptoms since taking this:) I also love that there is zero alcohol in this making it pleasant for my house lion.

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  25. Hope (Verified Customer)

    Super helpful so far! My kitties are happy and healthy. Hoping this helps us avoid more costly vet visits. 🤞🏻

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  26. Belinda J. (Verified Customer)

    Really helpful for my senior cat!
    My cat started showing the symptoms of a UTI, so I decided to try this formula. She’s a picky eater but I diluted it in her chicken broth food topper and she lapped it up with no problem! Within a few days I noticed it helping, after a week she is back to her normal peaceful litter box routine. So grateful for all these awesome products – Thank you!!

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  27. Kenneth Furger (Verified Customer)

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  28. Linda Williams (Verified Customer)

    Fantastic! GREAT product!!!

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  29. Noreen Hepple (Verified Customer)

    mys cats have been so much better since using this

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  30. Terry Church (Verified Customer)

    I have a cat who started peeing while standing, so the pee would fly out of the litter box and onto the floor and around the laundry room. After a urine test my vet told me there were very few crystals and shouldn’t be a problem. I have her on a wet, raw food diet that I add water to, so, like others I had heard from, I assumed it was a behavioral issue. I bought a plastic crate with high sides which helped, but she’s a big cat and some of the pee still got over the sides. So I would lie in wait by the laundry room and physically scooch her hind feet forward to get her to sit while she peed. But of course I couldn’t always be there and continued to come home to large amounts of cat pee outside the box. I finally decided to try Urinary Cat Plus, a dropper-full once a day in her breakfast feed. It helped! She began to sit and pee about 85 percent of the time. I was also giving her the Virex supplement in her evening feed – she has FIV with a recurring upper respiratory infection. I thought the occasional time she peed standing was just part of the deal. Then last week I decided to stop using the Virex and use the Urinary Plus in her evening feed as well. Now she pees two normal sized amounts of urine per day instead of one big one and she sits 100 per cent of the time! Not behavioral at all. She was having trouble with her bladder, and I wonder if a cat peeing standing is ever behavioral, but just something we misinterpret. What is interesting is that since going off the Virex and on the Urinary Plus 2x a day, she has not yet had a UPI recur… Maybe her bladder was contributing to that as well.

    Image #1 from Terry Church
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  31. Delia Q. (Verified Customer)

    Appears to do as described.

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  32. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    So far so good.

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