Since house cats aren’t usually socialized with the outside world, a vet visit can be difficult for them. This is sometimes an excuse for cat parents to resist taking them altogether. It’s important that our cats get their regular checkups, so we must do our best to get our cats acclimated to car trips. If vet visits make your cat nervous, there are some simple steps you can take to reduce their stress and make the car ride easier.

What To Do If Vet Visits Make Your Cat Nervous

Car rides aren’t a feline’s favorite activity, unlike their canine counterpart. Indoor kitties are homebodies and tend to get anxious when taken out of their comfort zone.

Taking (or keeping) the cat carrier out in the open is helpful if vet visits make your cat nervous. Getting your cat comfortable with the carrier can help reduce stress because they’ll be used to the smell and feel of the carrier when it’s for the vet visit. Cats want to have something familiar nearby when facing a new environment. Carriers can provide comfort in uncomfortable settings.

In addition to getting your kitty acclimated to the carrier, it’s helpful to take a few test rides. Take your feline for a spin around the block a couple of times. When she realizes that there’s no harm done to her by riding in the vehicle, she’ll be less stressed when the times comes.

Remember that cats also sense the stress of their humans. Keeping your anxiety low is very important for a successful vet visit.

Some cats get car sick or super anxious in the car, regardless of your attempts to reduce stress. Our cat would literally foam at the mouth every car ride, even if we were only driving down the street. Sometimes all the preparation in the world doesn’t help. We mended this issue with an all natural cat calming formula called Cat Calm. Now we give him a dosage the night before and day of his visit and he rides just fine!


Natural Cat Calming Formula


Cat Calm Stress Reducing Liquid Formula



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