Do you have a stressed out cat? Is he overly ‘crazy’ and too much to handle at times? Does she jump and run at the slightest noise?

Cats are funny little critters sometimes and it can be difficult to find the exact trigger that’s causing the stress. The smallest change in environment can sometimes make a big difference in their overall demeanor. Let’s start by discussing some common things that can result in a stressed out cat.

Why is my cat stressing?

Common environmental issues that can increase a cat’s anxiety are:

  • A change of homes
  • Vet visits
  • New members of the household
  • Punishment (cats don’t understand this)
  • Dirty litter boxes
  • Lack of routine

Common nutritional deficiencies that can increase stress in cats are:

  • Corn, wheat, soy or other grains in the diet
  • Lack of moisture in the diet (aka All Kibble Diet)
  • Toxic  and/or increased preservatives in the diet
  • A non-balanced diet

Another common stressor in cats is too many vaccinations. You can read more about that here.

What To Do With A Stressed Out Cat

Here are a few things that have proven to reduce stress in cats:

  1. Feed your cats, play with your cats and scoop their litter boxes at the same time every day. Routine gives them peace.
  2. Have one more litter box in your home than you do cats. They like choices and they like to have the option of their ‘own’ box.
  3. Place the litter boxes in a private and comfortable spot. Cats love privacy, if you didn’t already know that.
  4. Get rid of the grains in their diet. They can’t digest them. If you always ate something you couldn’t digest correctly, you’d be stressed out too.
  5. Give them an option of wet or raw food. This helps overall health and makes them feel better – guaranteed.
  6. Only allow your cat to have vaccines if they are at risk of the specific disease. Their immune systems suffer greatly when they have too many vaccinations.
  7. Keep your stress levels low. Cats carry the stress of their owner. Staying calm will help them greatly.

If you’ve done all of this to no avail…

Try giving them a natural supplement that eases both neurological and nutritional stress. No one wants a stressed out cat. And no cat wants to be stressed out.


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