Feeding your cat is something that’s done multiple times every day. Ideally. Hopefully the days of free feeding dry food all day are gone – and routine mealtimes are being enjoyed. And hopefully those routine meals are full of nutritious, fulfilling foods a cat needs.

And now that we’ve got all that handled, is it possible we’re feeding our cat from the wrong kind of dish? Yes – and no. No because if your cat is eating, the dish is doing its job. But yes because eating may not be enjoyable – and even become a stressor – if we’re feeding our cat from a ‘typical’ cat bowl.

Does your cat only eat the food in the center of the dish? And then act like they are starving and need more food (that’s right in front of them)?

If so, you’re probably feeding your cat from the wrong dish.

Why? Because a cat’s whiskers are important sensory organs. Stuffing them into a little dish causes something called whisker stress. Seriously. And cats tell us by only eating the center of their food.

These wee lil’ dishes also keep the smell of a cat’s food concentrated/more confined to a small area. Especially for picky kitties, this can be overwhelming. We’ve found that sometimes just switching the dish not only takes away the whisker stress (and wasted food), it also makes the food more palatable.

So what is this magic dish? There are a few options – and we use both in our home. One is feeding your cat from a wide, shallow bowl – like a salad bowl. The width allows easy access to all the food in the dish without stressing the whiskers and it allows the food some breathing room too.

Maybe even better than a wide bowl is a platter. We use the Mine Pet Platter and it’s the favorite for our babies – and us! It’s made of plant sourced cellulose fiber – a good reminder for all of us to stay away from plastics. Platters also allow the the aroma of the food to breath while eliminating whisker fatigue. A bonus is the little indentions and curves engage a most stimulating eating experience.

If your cat like to leave all the food on the sides of their dish, ditch the bowl and explore a more enjoyable experience for your cat.


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