Bouncy Tail Balls!

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Bring out the wild side in your cat and get them exercising easily with Bouncy Tail Balls! These balls are the favorite in our kitty household, so we had to share them with your cats too! Made with natural feathers and unpredictable movement, Bouncy Tail Balls will be sure to have your kitties entertained for hours at a time.

In stock (can be backordered)

Product includes 3 Bouncy Tail Balls.

Colors are randomly picked and include blue, pink, orange, yellow & green

Store toy after each play.

Feathers can be torn off and this is not a chew toy for cats.

Best use is with both parent and cat (you'll have a blast too!).

Additional information

Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in

53 reviews for Bouncy Tail Balls!

Based on 44 reviews
  1. Jenni (Verified Customer)

    They love these toys!! Currently both have been hidden because they fight over them and the more dominant cat will carry them off and hide them. lol occasionally you’ll see him walking around with them and then we play. Awesome little toys!! My fatter cat will actually jump more now going after these balls. Soo cute!!

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  2. srhine421 (Verified Customer)

    My kitties LOVE these balls!! I think they jump as high as the balls bounce, it’s just hilarious to watch them! And they are just the right size for the cats mouth so they can carry them all over the house. REALLY enjoying these, so much so that I ordered a bunch more for backups in case any mysteriously go missing haha! THANK YOU!!! >^..^<

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  3. Janet Stallings (Verified Customer)

    I rarely write reviews, but I had to with this toy. I have 7 of my own cats and 4 foster cats. I’ve never had a toy that every single cat loves until this toy! I think with the way it bounces it mimics real prey movement and that may be part of the draw. The only issue I have is it gets lost so easily under the furniture. Half the time I have no idea where it went, so the cats and I are always searching. This toy is so cheap and they love it so much. I highly recommend it, especially if you have a cat who plays fetch.

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  4. Lindsay Robbins (Verified Customer)

    I don’t know who likes these better, me or my cats! They truly are awesome!! They’re fun to play with, affordable, and bounce so high. Usually my cats aren’t into balls but they like these. I am so glad I bought them!

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  5. Barbara (Verified Customer)

    These two little balls have become the favorite toy for both my kitty and my daughter’s. Such a big hit! Both kitties become bored with many of their familiar toys; however, neither kitty tires of their balls!

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  6. Marena (Verified Customer)

    My kitties LOVE the bouncy tail balls! It gets them running all over the house! And I love that there is no material to get dusty and hairy and no eyeballs for them to eat off. And with or without the feather, they still play with the ball. Even my kitty who doesn’t always play, loves to play with these! Great exercise!

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  7. Tina (Verified Customer)

    My cats just have a ball with the balls. Lol Even my lazy boy gets up and plays with the balls and the other cats. Surprisingly he is pretty darn quick .

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  8. Lisa R. (Verified Customer)

    My older kitty bounced along with the balls. He had so much fun and it made him and me so happy.

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  9. Tonya (Verified Customer)

    I’m not sure who loves these toys more, me or my cats. They jump, pounce, chase each other around, and carry them around by the feathers. When they’re finished playing, they hide them from me. I ordered extras for back ups until I can find all the rest I’ve bought.

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  10. Melissa (Verified Customer)

    My cat Dainty Paws adores these. She loves Ball type toys but these are especially a favorite. She’ll actually catch it and bounce it back. Every-time I order I have to add these as she eventually goes after the feathers. My guy who isn’t that into ball toys also loves these and it gives us all a chance for some interactive play.

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  11. Hilde LeRoy (Verified Customer)

    My 3 kitties LOVE these. I’ve never seen them jump so high trying to catch them. They love batting them around the house too. These will always be on my order list!

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  12. Corinne Wood (Verified Customer)

    These were the favorite of my Xmas order. I can’t find half of what I bought. Three of my cats are ferals,so to see them play with toys having come from nothing is awesome. Will be ordering more.

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  13. Ms Darien (Verified Customer)

    Shipping took a little longer to reach uk due to the holidays but other than that I’m very pleased with this
    Item. My adult cat who is bored of everything I got for her is really impressed by this. Never seen her so playful. My kitten obviously loves this too unfortunately she ripped the feather off one of them. I hope I can stick it back on. I will buy more.

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  14. KScar (Verified Customer)

    My cat loves these bouncy balls. It is so much fun to watch her jump to catch them. Definitely her favorite toy. The feather comes out too soon, but she still has fun with just the ball.

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  15. Rebecca Haas (Verified Customer)

    My cat loves these bouncy balls. I ordered 5 more as gifts for friends.

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  16. Shawn conner (Verified Customer)

    Cats love them

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  17. Michelle Snyder (Verified Customer)

    Wow, those bouncy balls are so much fun for our cats!! Even our Gigi, whose mostly blind/deaf, LOVES THEM (when she finds them after they bounced)!!!!

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  18. Pam Webster (Verified Customer)

    Both of my boys love to play with these. One of them even loves to catch both of them in midair at the same time.

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  19. Mabel Chute (Verified Customer)

    They are carried from room to room… I think they’re a hit.

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  20. Nichole Shanks (Verified Customer)

    These balls were an instant hit in my house !! I recently adopted a new kittie and be went crazy for them ! My big boy Jet was on the other side of the house jumping and flipping and carrying the balk he would let it out of his site
    I highly HIGHLY recommend these balls to any cat parent but be warned you’ll need one per cat ! No sharing these balls are so great and bouncy ny boys love the feathers

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  21. anna.havard1974 (Verified Customer)

    All of the cats went nuts over them. Even the more senior ones who rarely play now loved them .

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  22. Madison (Verified Customer)

    My senior kitties love these fun little bouncy balls. I’ve had to buy extra so all my cats have one to go after when we’re playing. It’s nice to see my seniors want to play and go after the prey (balls) 😻

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  23. Pam (Verified Customer)

    My kitten loves it. She carries it and bounces it down the stairs. Had to hide it at night so we did hear bouncing all night. I bought an extra set since she tends to lose it under the furniture. Would recommend it to other cat mom’s and dads.

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  24. Linda (Verified Customer)

    I’ve never seen them go so crazy for a toy! My hyper boy loves it and it keeps him occupied which is paw-some!

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  25. Kelly Mullins (Verified Customer)

    Cats absolutely love these. However the feathers came out after first time playing with them

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  26. Valerie Markland (Verified Customer)

    Out cat is not usually interested in toys. I buy them and he’ll play for a few minutes and then ignore them. But these toys he LOVES! Will chase after them for a long time, even jumping (which he never does)! We do have to put them away after play time so he doesn’t chew them up.

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  27. Ann Morscher (Verified Customer)

    My 7 cats go crazy for this toy. They all love it. My only issue is that the feathers are coming off so easily. Two of the 4 that I ordered have no feathers left. This happened after just a few days of use.

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  28. Anonymous

    One of the best toys ever for my fur babies

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  29. stamps4fungin (Verified Customer)

    I think my male Smokey loves these almost as much as the crack pillow. The only thing I don’t like, is stepping one one in the dark on my way to bed.

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  30. Sahari McCormick (Verified Customer)

    Holy cow do my cats love these! They bounce them everywhere and have a great time chasing and catching them. They pulled the feathers off right away, but these balls are a new favorite toy.

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  31. Laura (Verified Customer)

    My girl really loves them! It’s a great way to interact with your fur babies.

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  32. Anonymous

    My baby loves these toys. Must have for every cat owner

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  33. Denise Griffin (Verified Customer)

    Nala La La loves her bouncy balls! All day, every day. If I can’t bounce them for her, she picks them up and bounces them herself. This is by far her favorite toy!

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  34. Emily (Verified Customer)

    Both cats love playing with the bouncy balls. Unfortunately they’re so small and bouncy that they get lost very easily. I have no idea where the ones I ordered ended up. It would be great if there was a larger package, with six or eight of them.

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  35. Elizabeth (Verified Customer)

    My cat, Oty, loves these. We can play fetch for hours! I often wake up in the morning with these on my pillow, ready to start playing for the day.

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  36. Linda Hall (Verified Customer)

    These are a favorite! They move especially well in our hardwood floors and keep the cats busy for a long time!!!

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  37. Linda Hall (Verified Customer)

    They move especially well in our hardwood floors and keep the cats busy for a long time!!! 😻

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  38. Britney (Verified Customer)

    These are the best toys, my cats love them. They throw them all around by themselves and love chasing them.

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  39. Kathy Rae (Verified Customer)

    My cats love these, especially my youngest. I can hear him bouncing these across the floor at all hours! Great way to keep him out of trouble, heehee!

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  40. JA (Verified Customer)

    Awesome kitty toy. My 2 year old absolutely loves her bouncy balls.

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  41. Holly G (Verified Customer)

    My kitty LOVES these! I bought a two pack a while back and they went missing. Finally found one and realized just how much she loves it. I bought a few different bouncy balls at various stores and honestly, she wasn’t interested, and they just weren’t the same. Came back here and bought six more so we will always have some in stock! Even when they go missing under the sofa. She typically tips the feather off but it’s fine- she just loves chasing after the balls and it’s great exercise!

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  42. Sandra (Verified Customer)

    My cat Angel absolutely loves bouncy tails! I’ve bought them several times for her. The feathers always eventually come off, and Angel doesn’t love them quite as much without feathers, but these are her favorite toys and they make her happy, so I’ll keep buying them.

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  43. Carol (Verified Customer)

    My kitty loves this toy, his very favorite toy! I really recommend this to anyone with a cat.

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  44. Suzabelle janicek (Verified Customer)

    My cats , especially my kitten, is obsessed with these balls. The question is where do they go hahah. I questioned if i pull the stove or fridge out if i will find 15 of them. They just keep disappearing lol. Our little rescue girl Ileena, runs around for hours and plays with these bouncy bals on the stairs to the basement. Stationing herself at the top and she drops the ball from her mouth and runs after it like lightening. When she finally gets through the bouncing she grabs it and runs up and starts all over. Pure heavenly fun for this little angel. Thanks ladies. These are the best.

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  45. mariam.kiran (Verified Customer)

    Cats love watching as the ball bounces

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  46. JULIE N. (Verified Customer)

    My cat absolutely loved these! I had planned on sharing with my grandkitties, but opted to keep them all for him. Only downside was that he “loved them to death” and the feathers came off a couple of them.

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  47. Paula D. (Verified Customer)

    These are our cats favorite toys , they play fetch together while bouncing these up and down the basement stairs for most of the day & night.

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  48. Lois (Verified Customer)

    The boys just love these so much!

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  49. Teresa W. (Verified Customer)

    OMG the boys love these bouncy balls. Of course feather is first thing to get bitten off, then it’s play time rolling the ball around. 😁

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  50. Misty L. (Verified Customer)

    They love the bouncy balls. Supervised of course. Frankie caught it and threw it and hit Graycie in the head😹 whoops. Lol

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  51. Ellen (Verified Customer)

    My cats loved the toys.

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  52. Ruby Alvarado (Verified Customer)

    My Babies Love them. Very happy with the proud

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  53. Lisa Potswald (Verified Customer)

    As ordered

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