The 4th of July is just a few days away – and this exciting celebration comes with something not so exciting for our cats. Fireworks.

Cat and fireworks (much like thunderstorms or other sudden, loud noises) are not a good combination. The big bangs cause severe stress and fear in many cats. While we humans may enjoy a good fireworks show, our cats are frightened out of their minds. Not only is this an awful experience, it can lead to behavioral issues caused by stress.

So how can we best prepare our cats for the loud celebrations?

Tips for Cats and Fireworks:

Play calming music: At our house, we like to crank up some smooth jazz to help drown out the big bangs. While cats will still be sensitive to the rumble and vibrations of fireworks, playing calm music loudly can really cut down on the constant barrage of scary noises. We get the good tunes going before dark and spend some playtime with our kitties before the fireworks start. This helps wear them out a bit – so they may even be ready to take a catnap by the time it starts sounding like the world is ending.

Provide safe spaces: Cat love boxes. They also love vertical space. Prepare for a night of loud and scary sounds by providing plenty of safe spaces around the house. We like to find some new boxes or make new beds a few days before the crazy begins so our cats have time to get settled in to their new favorite hiding spots.

Natural Calming Formulas: Sometimes the combination of cats and fireworks requires some extra intervention. If you know your kitty goes from super chill to terrified whenever there are loud noises, natural calming formula will be important to have on hand. Our Pooh Bear is very high anxiety. We know situations like the 4th of July can be very hard for him to handle. To help prepare, we start giving him Cat Calm a few days before it starts getting loud. Natural calming formulas (not sedatives) can be just what your kitty needs to help take the edge off terrifying situations.

You: Some folks still believe cats are aloof, but studies show they have real emotions and are attached to their humans. During scary situations, cats will often evaluate the reaction of their humans to help determine how horrified they should be. If you’re able, consider staying home and enjoying some smooth jazz with your cat during this year’s firework celebration.


Recommended Natural Calming Formula for Cats


Cat Calm Stress Reducing Liquid Formula



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