Independence Day here in America is an exciting time. We get together with family and friends, watch fireworks, cook food and celebrate our independence as a country. Unfortunately, however, our feline friends often suffer horrible anxiety on this day. To keep your kitty calm for the holiday, here are some 4th of July safety tips for your feline friends…

4th Of July Safety Tips For Felines

  1. Play calming music. Turn on some piano, saxophone or classical music loud enough to drown out some of the loud noises, but not so loud that it scares your cats. Music therapy is a real thing, guys. Soothing music helps calm both us and our feline friends.
  2. Create a safe space for your cats. If you have multiple cats, it will be good for them to be together when the fireworks are booming. Find a comfortable room, put their litter boxes in there and let them relax to the calming music together.
  3. Play with them for distraction. If you plan on staying home for the holiday (which we will be doing because we have new kittens), bring out the toys. Toys can be a wonderful distraction from the scary noises and they can even relate the loud ‘booms’ to a positive thing – like a reward. If you plan to leave the house, try playing with them for 30 minutes before you leave them in their safe space with calming music.
  4. Use natural calming formulas. We don’t agree with the chemical based drugs that just knock your cat out or make them loopy. However, a natural calming formula can help during stressful times. Most natural formulas will take a little time to fully absorb into their system, so we recommend adding it to their food the day before and the day of a big event. Holistic calming formulas are a great addition to all of the above.

The point is, don’t forget about your cats this holiday… please? It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the holiday and forget that our kitties are scared to death. Be proactive this year and make sure your cats are safe.


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