Does Your Cat Lick You?

Does your cat lick your skin or your clothes? Sometimes our cats will lick us out of love, but often times cats are attracted to the smell of your skin or detergent. This isn’t always safe either. When your cat licks you it is a bonding behavior and a special...

Does Kibble Help Your Cat’s Teeth?

When looking to keep your cat’s teeth clean, many say that feeding kibble helps. This is an antiquated myth that’s so far from the truth it’s just silly. The idea that a crunchy kibble can keep your cat’s teeth clean and healthy is just as crazy as...

How Long Does Kibble Last After Opening?

Most pet parents are under the impression that dry food is the most sustainable, because it doesn’t “go bad” but unfortunately that’s not true. While it makes sense to think that, just like a McDonald’s burger, this highly processed food...

Tips On Picking The Best Water For Your Cat

We often don’t put much thought into the type of water we give our cats. Since cats tend to not drink much from the water bowl, giving them tap or filtered water seems fine, right? Well, after researching and speaking with top veterinarians, we’ve learned...
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