We often don’t put much thought into the type of water we give our cats. Since cats tend to not drink much from the water bowl, giving them tap or filtered water seems fine, right? Well, after researching and speaking with top veterinarians, we’ve learned that the quality of water matters. Here are some tips on choosing the best water for your cat.

Choosing the best water for your kitties

  • Check to see if your water source has antibiotics, lead, chlorine or fluoride in it. The majority (if not all) city water is full of chemicals in order to detoxify and reuse it. These chemicals affect our cats’ GI tracts and causes the immune system to weaken. Over time this can begin to create disease in kitties, so get your water tested! This also goes for water bottles. Don’t always believe the label. Test it yourself first.
  • Spring water is a great and healthy source of fresh water and usually has the needed minerals without the chemicals. This being said, beware of the term ‘spring water’ because sometimes the water isn’t fully spring water. We recommend still having your source of spring water tested.
  • Reverse Osmosis water has proven to be one of the most ‘clean’ water sources for both you and your cats. Most filters only remove a few of the contaminants within water and we want to be sure that the water you give your kitties is safe and containment free. You can either purchase this water or have an RO filter installed in your home. It’s well worth the money.
  • Never give your cat water in a plastic bowl or fountain. Regardless of the quality of water, plastic harbors bacteria and it, alone, can contaminate the water your cat drinks.

Water is so important for all living beings, however, the type of water we consume is equally important for health and longevity of life.


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