If you’ve ever tried to clean your pet’s water fountain, you know it can get tricky. Water fountains are a great way to encourage our cats to drink, but they don’t clean themselves. If we don’t keep them clean, it’s our kitties that suffer. That being said, here’s a few tips on how what we do to keep our cat’s water fountain clean and keep our kitties drinking from it.

Tips On Cleaning Your Pet’s Water Fountain

The type of water fountain you purchase is important. Plastic bowls fester bacteria and can result in a number of health issues for your cat or dog. We recommend using ceramic, glass or stainless steel for the water fountain.

Cleaning the bowl with chemical free soap and water on a daily basis is great, but that isn’t enough. Once a week, run a mixture of water and vinegar 1:1 through the fountain to help disinfect the bowl and cut any residue. On the weekend (or your day off), give the fountain a thorough clean – making sure to clean all the specs of the pump as well.

A few years ago we purchased our first water fountain for the kitties. We cleaned it as we would a normal sitting water bowl, but we quickly realized that the water was getting swampy. At first we thought it was the product but, after doing our research, we realized that it was because we weren’t cleaning the pump. This is an important and often over-looked step.

When cleaning your pet’s water fountain, take the pump apart. This means every little piece. Don’t worry, at first it seems difficult but it’s really not. If your fountain didn’t come with a cleaning kit you can do like us and use tweezers and a Q-tip.

The video above shows how we disassemble the pump for cleaning. We only do this weekly and the fountain stays clean and our kitties stay happy!



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