Most of us relate the word ‘acne’ with pimply-faced teenagers, but cats can actually get acne too. If you’ve ever had a cat with chin acne, you understand how difficult it can be to resolve.

Feline acne will appear as a collection of little blackheads on the chin of your cat. If left untreated, these bumps can get itchy and turn into red, inflamed pimples. In more severe cases you will see swelling and hair loss. The acne can also move to the lip area of your cat.

There are a number of things that cause the development of chin acne. Allergies/sensitivities to foods, reactions to certain medications and viral, bacterial or fungal infections seem to be the most prevalent causes. All of these issues can (and should) be resolved naturally with diet and supplementation (in our opinion).

It’s important that you don’t pop the pimples on your cat’s chin. Also refrain from scratching the area, even if your kitty loves it. This can lead to a worse skin infection for your cat with chin acne. Be sure to keep the chin sanitized at all times and take your cat to a veterinarian if the problem seems to progress.

If you’ve got a cat with acne and are looking to treat it without a vet visit, try using a natural remedy like Oxy-Cat. Used both internally and topically, Oxy-Cat will address the problem directly. Also, cut back on the amount of carbohydrates, grains, fish & chicken you feed your cat. These ingredients are inflammatory in nature, so taking them out of the diet will help prevent a reoccurrence of feline acne.

Sarah found this approach successful for her cat with chin acne. Here’s what she said:

“My cat had bumps under her chin and as soon as I added this [Oxy-Cat] to her food they went away and haven’t come back! And I love these products because I have 2 cats – they eat each other’s food but it won’t harm or affect my cat who’s ok. Love all these products.”

One more tidbit of advice: If your cat with chin acne eats from a plastic bowl, toss it. Plastic can hold bacteria (even with cleaning) and your cat may develop reaction just from normal contact. We’ve seen many mild cases of chin acne in cats clear up by simply switching to a stainless steel or ceramic food bowl.


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