When looking to keep your cat’s teeth clean, many say that feeding kibble helps. This is an antiquated myth that’s so far from the truth it’s just silly.

The idea that a crunchy kibble can keep your cat’s teeth clean and healthy is just as crazy as saying eating crunchy granola is all we have to do to have good oral hygiene. Actually it’s even sillier, stick with me and I’ll explain why.

Our feline friends are true carnivores and their teeth reflect that. Carnivores have long, pointed, sharp teeth to help catch and (sorry for being graphic) tear into their prey. When they use their teeth to bite into a piece of kibble, the kibble immediately shatters and the only contact the kibble and the teeth have is at the tip. There is no scraping the entire tooth up to the gum line where most dental problems in your cat’s teeth occur. Add the fact that most cats don’t consistently completely chew their food which means a lot of the kibble is just swallowed and not chewed at all. Don’t believe me? Just watch your cat or kitten eat some kibble, how much chewing is going on?

Is Dry Food Good For Cat’s Teeth?

But wait! There are even reasons that eating crunchy kibble is actually bad for your cat’s teeth. Yep, you heard that right. In order for kibble to be made into little hard, crunchy pieces it has to be made with a starch. Kibble is very high in starches and carbs so the sugar attaches to the teeth and actually causes tartar buildup. Starches and carbs are a form of sugar and remember what sugar does to our teeth?

So how do you keep your cat’s teeth clean and healthy? Ideally just like us, your cats should have a daily oral regimen of brushing. Your cat’s teeth should also be checked yearly by your vet and when needed a dental cleaning should be done.

Good oral hygiene is so important to your cat’s overall health. If you notice your kitty having  stinky breath, not wanting to eat or drooling, be sure to get them in to a veterinarian to be checked.

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