Dental care for cats is very important because an infection in their teeth can leak to other organs in their bodies. We encourage you to take your kitties to the vet for annual dental exams, but keeping their teeth healthy at all times is important. If you brush your cat’s teeth on a regular basis, you can avoid some bigger problems and hefty vet bills down the road.

Paying attention to your cat’s teeth is very important. Being proactive with their dental health alone can help extend a cat’s life. Brushing your cat’s teeth on a regular basis is the best way to ensure that their mouths stay healthy and free of disease.

How To Brush Your Cat’s Teeth

The thought of brushing a kitty’s teeth is foreign to most cat parents. Even though we brush our teeth on a daily basis, we just haven’t thought about this idea for our cats. Most cats are infamous for not liking their mouths touched so we have to be gentle in training. Young cats and kittens are easier to adjust, but older cats can certainly be trained as well.

Start by getting your cat used to touching and rubbing around their mouth. Do this often. Once your cat is used to your hands being close to her mouth, put a dab of natural toothpaste on your finger and rub it down one tooth line. If she doesn’t have a problem, repeat this on the other tooth line. Do this on a regular basis until your kitty is comfortable with the process.

Once your cat is used to this process, start using a gauze strip to get a better ‘clean’. Then move on to a cat toothbrush! If this doesn’t make sense, watch Dr. Karen Becker’s tutorial on brushing your cat’s teeth by clicking here.


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