The myth that kibble is good for our cat’s teeth still infiltrates our pet communities and vet clinics for some unknown reason. However, many health conscious cat parents are starting to realize that this thought doesn’t make sense and are now looking for healthier options. So what foods are best to feed to help keep your cat’s teeth healthy?

What Foods To Feed For Your Cat’s Teeth – Dental Health

The idea that starchy kibble helps the overall dental health of your cat is a myth that’s been passed down for generations. Because kibble is hard, the belief is that it knocks tartar off the teeth. This is somewhat true. However, the amount of carbohydrates within kibble increases the sugar content in your cat’s body. Have you ever eaten candy bars to help prevent cavities? I didn’t think so.

Cats are obligate carnivores and their bodies were made to consume raw meat from their prey. The teeth of felines are designed to tear flesh and chew bones.  By feeding species appropriate raw food, you’re closely mirroring your kitty’s ancestral diet and helping the health of their teeth.

Raw meat contains enzymes that processed foods do not which contributes to a healthier mouth. Bone, even if ground up, helps control tartar on the teeth because it acts like sandpaper and knocks debris off the teeth without contributing to the problem. Raw bones are also great to feed for your cat’s teeth. Cats who are fed raw meaty bone treats on a regular basis have the least amount of dental troubles.

We must mention that better food should never replace regular dental exams. Having a professional check your cat’s teeth is recommended to be proactive with her dental health. Feeding a balanced raw food diet with regular dental exams is the best way to ensure your kitty has a healthy mouth!


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