It’s amazing how many people still believe that kibble is good for the teeth of our cats! Some veterinarians even recommend dry food for the dental health of kitties. This is a myth and is very outdated. Is kibble good for the teeth? No. Let me tell you why…

Is Kibble Good For The Teeth Of My Cat?

The idea behind this myth is that cats need to chew on something hard to chip off the tartar buildup on the outside of their teeth. This is somewhat true. As obligate carnivores, cats were made to tear flesh and bone with their teeth. Chewing on hard food items like meat and bone is helpful at removing plaque from the teeth.

But you can’t compare kibble to meat and bone.

Kibble is not a healthy diet for our cats. All dry food contains an unhealthy amount of starches and carbs that are not biologically appropriate for felines. In turn, these starches convert to sugar and actually create the buildup of plaque and tartar on the teeth of our cats.

Plus, cats rarely chew their kibble.

Has your kitty ever vomited whole pieces of dry food after eating? Isn’t it interesting that they didn’t chew (or digest) their food? Since they rarely chew their kibble, what benefit does is have to the teeth or the body, for that matter? Cats that do chew their food are still not benefiting much because their is no comparison between a starchy little piece of dry food and a raw meaty bone.

Feeding kibble to cats for dental health is equivalent to us eating potato chips instead of brushing our teeth. It just doesn’t make sense. Species appropriate raw diets contain enzymes that are much healthier for cats’ teeth than the starchy kibble. If you want to use food to help your cat’s teeth, try feeding a healthier diet instead.

Brushing your cats’ teeth frequently and having them into the veterinarian for dental checkups twice yearly is what we recommend to help keep your cats’ teeth clean and healthy.


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