Our cats look fine and don’t seem to be in pain. But – here comes National Pet Dental Health Month and everyone’s telling me to make dental appointments. Does my cat really need a dental? Do I really have to spend that kind of money?

Here’s the thing… an infection in your cats mouth isn’t just some dormant inconvenience. That infection can leak into your cats bloodstream and begin to affect the other organs and even bones.

The issue is that our kitties don’t show us their pain. They instinctively mask their pain so we often don’t know if there’s a dental issue – often until it’s very bad. So – can we skip regular dental appointments? Our answer is nope – it’s simply not worth the very painful risk.

Sure, there are plenty of things we can do to help prevent dental issues at home. Feeding a species appropriate diet, giving your cat raw meaty bones, brushing your kitty’s teeth, and refraining from feeding high carbohydrate food like kibble are great ways to support a feline’s dental health. But is that enough? We don’t believe so.

Just like humans, a healthy cat with the best diet and regular brushing can still develop dental problems. But – unlike cats – we can call a dentist when we start to feel mouth pain… and dental issues provide some of the worst pain we’ve ever experienced. We can’t imagine how many kitties (including our own!) have suffered because of this often overlooked check-up.

Don’t play a guessing game. The cost of treating a problem caused by dental disease far outweighs the cost of regular, preventative care.

Many veterinarian clinics will offer massive discounts at their practice in February for dental checkups, so now’s the time to make an appointment! Have a professional check out your cat’s mouth, see if there’s anything that raises concern, take care of anything that is a concern and then enjoy the priceless peace of mind that know your kitty is happy and healthy.


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