Years ago, we used to preach that cats should always be fed a grain free diet – but we didn’t dig too much deeper into what type of grain free diet we should feed. While it’s true that cats shouldn’t be fed grains, grain free kibble might not be the best option for your feline friend.

You see, cats cannot digest grains OR carbohydrates well. So taking away the grains and replacing them with carbs isn’t beneficial for our kitties’ health.

It’s currently impossible to manufacture a piece of kibble without an inappropriate amount of carbohydrates

Carbo Cats – an Epidemic

Carbohydrates not only contribute to obesity, diabetes and other diseases in cats – they also cause inflammation. Behind most every ailment that our feline’s face is some level of inflammation in their systems. The last thing we want to do when our cat is fighting a disease or issue is feed them a pro-inflammatory diet, right?

It’s only been over the past 75-ish years that cats have been fed these highly processed dry diets. Before we attempted to domesticate kitties, they ate the prey they caught and the table scraps we fed them. Fresh food.

Now, years later, the medical field is baffled at why there is an epidemic of obesity, diabetes and cancer in our domesticated cats. Well, maybe we should look at what we feed them? After all, ‘we are what we eat’ – and so are our cats.

So back to grain free… if you are looking to be a proactive cat parent and give your cat the healthiest life possible, consider feeding a grain free canned diet instead. Better yet (if possible), feed fresh. Feeding a species appropriate diet eliminates both grains and carbohydrates from the food and it more closely mirrors what they ate before we brought them inside.

In conclusion, let’s do all we can to better provide healthful foods for our feline friends – and feed a diet that satisfies their picky pallets and their bodies.


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