Cat parents are starting to pay closer attention to the diets they feed their kitties. The #catfoodchallenge is raising awareness and the documentary Pet FOOleD is now on Netflix. The word is spreading. Once you know better, you do better. But where do you start? If you do too much research online you’ll find conflicting information and feeding a homemade diet seems time consuming and expensive.

Well today I’m going to show you a super easy inexpensive way to get started somewhere feeding cats fresh foods. Adding a little fresh food into your cat’s meal a few times per week can make a big difference in their overall health. When we were trying to figure out how to feed our cats a fully balanced homemade diet we got scared. We wanted to start somewhere, but we didn’t want to mess up and feed our cats an unbalanced diet and potentially hurt them. That’s why we started here.


It’s worth noting that we don’t suggest staying in this phase for long. This is just an easy way to get use to spending a short amount of time preparing your kitties’ food. Once you see the difference this one step makes in your cat’s life you’ll want more – we promise. When you’re used to handling raw meat and get into a groove of helping your cat eat a better diet, move onto the next step (new video coming soon).

Dr. Karen Becker is the only veterinarian in America who has not only written a recipe book for pet parents to follow when making a fully balanced homemade diet, but she updates it every time she learns more. We highly recommend purchasing her book “Real Food For Healthy Dogs and Cats” when you’re ready to give your cat the best diet available.

And if you’re reading this blog and you are confused about why any of this is necessary for your cat – please take 72 minutes out of your day and watch the documentary Pet FOOleD on Netflix. After watching this video you’ll understand why it’s important to know where the ingredients you feed comes from.


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