How often do you think about what you are feeding your pet? Sometimes? Rarely? For me (many years ago), my answer was Never. It didn’t even cross my mind. I had a cat – I got cat food. My only thought was how to find the biggest bag for the buck – usually Meow Mix. Especially since it said on the bag that it was ‘100% complete and balanced nutrition‘. Was I getting pet food, or was I being pet fooled?

I was entirely and completely Pet FOOleD.

It’s going to be hard for me to contain my excitement and gratitude for this film as I write this. Pet FOOleD isn’t just an amazing documentary, it’s the gift every pet parent wants. And needs. Whether you know it yet or not. This film lifts the veil on those happy colored, glossy packaged pet foods we see lining the shelves nearly everywhere we go. Those logos and labels that draw us in, knowing we only want the best for our pets, and leading us to believe that they are giving us just that.

That’s why this film is such a gift. A wise person once said, “Once you know something, it can never again be unknown.” Did you know that there are just five (huge) companies that make 90% of all pet foods on the market? Do you know what a rendering plant is? Would you ever knowingly poison your pet?

Or better yet, would you pick up the carcass of road kill on your way home and feed it to your cat? If your answer is no, you need to watch this film.

Pet FOOleD is more than an informative documentary with years of effort, research and resolve behind it. It’s full of the compassion, knowledge and perseverance of well trained veterinarians and passionate pet advocates. Veterinarians and advocates who care more about the health and well-being of animals than they do their own pocketbooks.

Watch the Trailer

Pet FOOleD exposes the truth about the pet food industry and the deceptive marketing techniques it employs. In a way, it exposes our naivety as pet parents. We believe the packaging, the commercials, the labeling that tells us that the cat food we purchase is healthy and nutritional for our fur friends. Why wouldn’t we? Shouldn’t these companies be out of business if they’re taking part in false advertising?

My answer is yes. But the rules and regulations of these pet food companies allow them to use these misleading terms in advertising their products – for now.

Why? Pet FOOleD goes on to explain that lack of knowledge in the pet industry is the main reason that we are slowly killing our pets with these foods. Veterinarians are given little to no nutritional training in vet school. So when a huge company like MARS, who owns several popular pet foods, buys out the majority of veterinarians hospitals – what foods do you think your vet will recommend to you?

This is precisely the reason that we, as pet parents, must begin to educate ourselves. We need to know what the ingredients in our cat’s food means. We need to know what it means to their bodies – to their health and well-being of life.

Start learning what you’re putting into your pet’s bodies today by taking a small amount of time to watch this documentary. And share this article to help raise awareness and save lives.



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