Vita-Cat Vitamin C Formula for Cats

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Vita-Cat supports many health benefits through the power of Vitamin C. Give your cat an extra boost of energy while keeping those joints strong and immunity levels up!


Purrfect for:

  • Urinary Tract Support
  • Immunity Support
  • Bone, Ligament and Joint Support
  • Relief of Pain, Stiffness, Swelling & Inflammation
  • And Much More!

Our liquid supplement is easy to use and made with naturally occurring organic ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

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Vita-Cat is Vitamin C for Cats! Our formula works to restore and maintain the health of our fine felines on the optimum level – supporting a strong immune system, bone health and urinary tract health.

How it Works:

Suggested Daily Use: Add 10 drops to wet food, once daily.

If your cat is sick or under stress, you may safely double or triple the above amount (10 drops – 2 or 3 times daily). We suggest using this increased dosage for 5-7 days, or until symptoms subside.

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28 reviews for Vita-Cat Vitamin C Formula for Cats

  1. Connie C.

    Was looking for vitamin c for my cat and LOVE how easy this one is. At first she didn’t want to eat her food with it in it but I mixed it together more and added water and it is perfect.

  2. Dennis Kehrig (verified owner)

    Easy to use, shipped quickly despite using the cheaper shipping option. Great!
    Couldn’t find any other source of liquid vitamin C without added flavors, so I’m glad this existed. It’s tough to say whether it had any effect, though.

  3. connie

    The Vita-Cat has really helped my cat. He likes it in his wet food and he has not had any urinary issues since I started using it. Great product. So nice to have a liquid vitamin C, it is so easy to use.

  4. Robin Klotz (verified owner)

    My cat has an immune disease, Polyarthritis. I add 12 drops 2xs a day too his wet food he eats it with no problem. It’s hard to tell if it’s working as his disease had progressed so far. He is more loving and social since he started it rather than sitting on his own. I take that as a good sign because when he is not feeling well he would find hiding spots in the house.

  5. June Laird

    Seen a great improvement. Tho she ha stage 4 kidney and hyperthyroidism, she seems much happier and has nice bright eyes. Her coat is shiny and soft. Good for a Persian. We know it’s not forever but so long as she’s happy, so are we.

  6. Julie (verified owner)

    Always fast shipping! Have been using the vitamin C to help my dog’s immune system become healthy and strong. Poor baby was dealing with some awful itching when we first adopted her. The Vitamin C allow with other immune support has done wonders. Thanks Ladies!

  7. Judith (verified owner)

    Since having such a great result from Oxy-Cat, we started using Vita-Cat to help support my kitty and her general overall well being. She takes it no problem with her meals. We are now loyal customers.

  8. Joan Laurino (verified owner)

    Love this vitamin C for my 2 cats. Easy to use and quality is assured. So important to be able to give my babies Vit C in an easy way. I add to their wet food and they don’t even notice it’s there. Such a great find I highly recommend.

  9. Barbara Stewart (verified owner)

    I am so grateful to have found a quality Vitamin C supplement that is easy to administer. TCCL supplements are the only ones that my cat will willingly consume in his food. He is FIV-positive and takes supplements in syringes several times a day. He is pretty good about it but I don’t want to add more. It is a delight that this is so easy!

  10. Tonya Evans (verified owner)

    I have been using 15 drops at night for one of my cats, and I would say it has helped tremendously with pain and inflammation from her surgery. I love that you have Vitamin C for cats because it such an important vitamin for immune support, bones, joints, and the list could go on. At first my cats didn’t want to eat their wet food but I now add some freeze dried as a meal topper and they never know it’s in their food. Thank you ladies!

  11. Ashley

    I am going to be trying these drops along with a oral rinse and tdc1 supplement. it was recommended (vitamin c) along with the other two for cqts that have stomatitis. I’d rather see her on natural remedies than always on antibiotics and pain meds. I will let you all know in a few months how this goes. Wish me luck!

  12. Rachele Desario (verified owner)

    I am so blessed having these to ladies come to my rescue!
    They did all the hard work for me & many cats lovers. This product makes me feel my cats are getting a very important part of there meal.
    Thank you CRAZY CAT LADIES, for all that you do for us parents & for our Kitties!

  13. Melissa (verified owner)

    My cat was recently diagnosed with Glaucoma and Shortly after she developed some neurological issues. They suspect it maybe a tumor or a blood clot. While catching some live you guys put together on face book I heard you say that vitamin c therapy worked to help cats with cancer/tumors and that it had actually shrunk the tumor. I figured while were waiting on the next steps from her vet it would not hurt to try this since she’s not currently on any medications other than drops for her eyes. It’s only been a few days so I can’t say how well it’s working yet but I can say I’ve seen some improvement And think it maybe helping with her inflammation. She also takes catalyst.

  14. Sally (verified owner)

    My cat actually likes the taste of this! It helps so much with his allergies and chronic upper respiratory problems. Keeps his eyes from running too.

  15. FAY Furtado Lieberman

    So happy that you have a vitimin c product. I have. Been giving it to my cats in there wet cat food, and they are all right with it. Its a great product to have. And my cats are much healthier because it. Thanks to Jae and Adrienne the two crazy cat ladies. Love you both!!!!

  16. Feraya (verified owner)

    Seems great quality.
    I had hayfever and ran out of vitamin c so i tested the cats one on my self after 2 drops some relief from constantly sneezing but after 10 drops hayfever disappeared especially after sleep. It tasted bitter so I understand why my cats do not like the taste jn their food. Also make sure u feed it with food even after u administer with syringe in mouth because this caused me a tummy ache and cramping because i took it on an empty stomach. My cats fur looks glistening and shiny she looks happier.

  17. Bonnie A Carlston (verified owner)

    Vita cat helps my kitty’s with their respiratory issues. It’s a good product and I love that it’s liquid and not powder and my guys got used to it.

  18. Pam Webster (verified owner)

    I’ve only been giving it to my boys for about a week, but their sneezing has seemed to have stopped. I’m glad that I found something that will help them build up their immune support. Thanks!

  19. Anonymous

    My cats can’t smell or taste the drops- perfect! I’m happy, they’re happy 😊

  20. Roberta Mau (verified owner)

    My boys have no problem taking Vita Cat in their food. In fact, they have no problem taking any of your amazing products with their food. They’ve done well on CATalyst so adding Vita Cat is a bonus and keeping them even healthier. I also love that your products are fit for human consumption. Mahalo ladies.

  21. Martha Moseman (verified owner)

    My 16yo kitty has ckd and gets urinary infections all the time and this seems to be helping along with other items I have purchased

  22. Gail (verified owner)

    I have an older cat and want to be proactive in his health. After reading about your product I bought it for him plus several other products. Everything you sell is incredible! Love your products. You are both amazing in the direct support you give! Thank you so very much for all you do!!! Thank you for such amazing products!

  23. Mary

    It’s easy to administer and it came very ecologically packaged. I couldn’t be happier.

  24. aynsilverman279 (verified owner)

    Just started my girl on Vitamin C but hopeful that it will improve her condition-no problems so far-she takes 4 drops 2x a day and has no difficulty with it mixed in her food–only time will tell if she improves but keeping my fingers crossed-thanks for your help with my selection.

  25. Mario (verified owner)

    Have an old boy with life- time crystal problems. Needed to acidify his urine with ascorbic acid that had no additives that might raise glucose (he’s also diabetic) His PH just tested 6.5, perfect. Your c formula of ascorbic acid and helix water is just what I had been looking for.

  26. Shirley (verified owner)

    A wonderful product!!!
    It is helping two of my cats who are immune compromised. They are sneezing much less, have brighter eyes and are more energetic. They seem much happier.
    So glad I found your product. 😻😻😻😻😻

  27. Yelena (verified owner)

    Hello !
    This product is very good
    But you need to see by your cat reaction on it to control the dosage
    For one of my cat I’m giving just 3 drops now and for second just 5
    But product is amazing as B12 !
    Thank you Ladies !

  28. dmwalker214 (verified owner)

    Too soon to tell if Vita-Cat is beneficial. The fact that he accepted it in his food is very noteworthy.

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