Fun Facts About Your Cat’s Teeth

Have you ever noticed how fascinating your cat’s teeth really are? Cat teeth are way different than human teeth – and for very good reason. Humans are omnivores. We are made to eat and digest both plant and animal matter. Cats are obligate carnivores. We...

Litter Options You Should Stay Away From

Back in the day there were not many options for cat parents looking to fill their kitty’s box. Fast forward to today and the litter options are endless! Even better news there are so many natural litters we can choose for our cats! Yes, so many options but there...

Help For Cats With Bad Breath

Your kitty comes crawling up on your chest and let’s out a big yawn. If the smell of her breath knocks you out, it’s time to take action. Cats with bad breath are often dealing with a dental issue that should not be ignored. Now, I’m not talking...
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