Your kitty comes crawling up on your chest and let’s out a big yawn. If the smell of her breath knocks you out, it’s time to take action. Cats with bad breath are often dealing with a dental issue that should not be ignored.

Now, I’m not talking about the smell of fish on the breath after your cat has just eaten dinner. If you notice that your cats breath smells musty or like something is decaying, this is cause for concern.

Because cats are so stoic, they mask their pain instinctively and they won’t alert us when they have a toothache. Since most of us are unable to brush our cat’s teeth on a regular basis, they often deal with dental issues at some point in their lives. The problem with this is that a simple infection in the gums or on their teeth can leak into other organs of their bodies if left untreated.

This is also why we want to have their teeth checked and/or cleaned by a professional every year.

Ways To Help Cats With Bad Breath

  • You can add supplements to your cat’s food or water that can help fight dental disease.
  • Feeding your cats raw meaty bones helps to keep their teeth clean, strong and healthy.
  • Brushing your cats’ teeth with a feline toothpaste is a great way to keep the teeth cleaned and the breath smelling good.

Though these actions can really help the dental health of your cat, they should not replace having your kitty’s teeth checked annually.

Feeding your cat dry food does not clean their teeth. This is a myth that somehow is still being told by older conventional vets. Starchy ingredients in kibble actually makes the dental issues worse. A species appropriate diet is the healthiest for your cat’s body and mouth.


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