How To Change Your Cat’s Litter

Are you ready to switch your cat to a safer, more natural cat litter? It’s a wise decision for both your cat’s health and the environment. However, transitioning your cat from a traditional clay-based litter to a natural alternative requires careful...
Are Automatic Litter Boxes Good?

Are Automatic Litter Boxes Good?

Automatic litter boxes are growing in popularity – and as a cat parents we’re always looking for ways to make our feline friend’s life better. So are these automated wonders a good idea?Automatic litter boxes are a great solution for daily scooping....

Open Or Enclosed Litter Box?

There’s a world of opinion out there about whether an open or enclosed litter box is better. It’s too bad we can’t just ask our cats for a definitive answer. Or can we? It’s generally understood by us humans that bathroom time is quite...

Are Corn And Wheat Litters Safe?

With so many litter choices now on the market, let’s take a closer look at corn and wheat litter. At first blush, both seem like a much better option than traditional clay litter… Right? It’s not wrong – but it’s also not completely...

Why Do Cats Lay In The Litter Box?

If you ever notice that your cat likes to lay in the litter box, please pay attention. This behavior isn’t normally cute… or just weird. Everything our cats do tells us something about them. Maybe it’s something about their personality. More often...

Litter Options You Should Stay Away From

Back in the day there were not many options for cat parents looking to fill their kitty’s box. Fast forward to today and the litter options are endless! Even better news there are so many natural litters we can choose for our cats! Yes, so many options but there...
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