There’s a world of opinion out there about whether an open or enclosed litter box is better. It’s too bad we can’t just ask our cats for a definitive answer.

Or can we?

It’s generally understood by us humans that bathroom time is quite significant for cats. Cats are prey animals, so this is a vulnerable time for them. Who wants to be hunted while trying to handle their business? It’s also important to realize that a cat sees their litter boxes as a valuable resource. As important as food and water. So some basic considerations must be made when we welcome the these instinct-driven felines into our home.

Given these generalized realities of a cat, it’s also generally assumed that cats prefer open litter boxes. As prey animals, they need to see around them to avoid surprise attacks. An open litter box – placed in an easily accessible, low-traffic area – allows for this needed awareness.

But don’t cats also enjoy small enclosed spaces? So wouldn’t an enclosed litter box help them feel more secure?

And let’s be honest. Not everyone’s opinion about open or enclosed litters boxes considers the cat’s preference. Many people refuse to try an open litter box – even if their cat is having issues using the litter box – because the enclosed box cuts down on tracking. But I digress.

Want to know if an open or enclosed box is actually better? Give your cat both options and let their deposits tell the truth. Cats can tell us so much about how to improve their world by giving them choices.




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