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MycoCat Breathe is a premium respiratory and cardiovascular supporting mushroom tincture. This tincture is a water extracted blend of Cordyceps, Reishi, Artist Conk and Chaga, with Ashwagandha preserved in organic vegetable glycerin. Cultivated and wild-harvested in the Pacific Northwest, these mushrooms offer the powerful support your cat needs.

Purrfect for:

  • Heart health
  • Respiratory health
  • Immunity health
  • Kidney health
  • Liver health
  • And Much More!


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Our medicinal mushroom extracts are hot water tripled extracted from the fruiting bodies of fungi cultivated and wild-harvested in North America. There are (at least) 350mg of mushroom extract in 1mL.


Mushrooms are bio-accumulators (absorb toxins from polluted air and environment), so we searched for mushrooms grown in their natural habitat in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. It is important to source mushrooms from an area that is least likely to be impacted by environmental toxins which might be absorbed by the mushrooms.

DOSING INFORMATION: Give directly in mouth or mix in food

Preventative care: 1 dropper daily

For senior cats: 2 droppers daily

There are (at least) 350mg of mushroom extract per 1mL.

Note: Shake well before use. Store in a cool, dark place.

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Weight 3.8 oz

2 reviews for Breathe

  1. Kris (verified owner)

    My 7 month old kitten has been on Breathe for a little over a month now, and it seems to be helping. He has snored and breathed loudly since I adopted him. The vet suggested that he had likely experienced a bad URI that affected his nasal passages. 3-4 weeks into using Breathe mushroom tinctures, I noticed that I rarely heard him breathing or snoring, and the only change has been the addition of this tincture. He’s also an orange boy, which leaves him more prone to heart conditions, so I plan to continue using the Breathe mushrooms prophylactically.

  2. Lois (verified owner)

    Helped our boys with the respiratory issue.

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