FeLeuk Kit for Cats

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The FeLeuk Kit combines our powerful anti-viral Vira-X with our immunity boosting CATalyst. By simply adding these all-natural liquid formulas to your cat’s diet, you will be giving him/her the best tools needed for a longer and healthier life. This kit provides the essential ingredients needed to naturally and effectively help remedy & prevent FeLV and other viral & immunodeficiency disorders.


Our FeLeuk Kit is designed to help cats who are battling feline leukemia virus (FeLV)  - naturally and effectively. By combining CATalyst and Vira-X together in your cat's daily diet, you'll both fight the virus at the core and build a strong immune system - with no toxins or chemicals that will threaten the healthy function of other essential organs, like the liver and kidneys. It is simple to administer - just add the recommended dosage to your cat's wet food daily. It's fuss-free - meaning there is no flavor - and you'll see the results quickly. Doubling the recommended dosage for the first week is recommended for faster results.

Note: Is also effective for prevention and treatment of other viral and immunodeficiency disorders.

Essential Ingredients:

CATalyst (2 oz): Amylase, Catalase, Lipase, Protease, Superoxide Dismutase

Vira-X (2 oz): Lysozyme Enzymes (derived from fruits and vegetables), Sodium Chlorite in helix water

DirectionsSimply add the recommended dosage of each product (located on bottle) to your cat's wet food, twice daily for 3-7 days. Thereafter, you may add the recommended dosage once daily.

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39 reviews for FeLeuk Kit for Cats

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  1. Hilary

    Been ordering this product for a few months and both of my cats seem to be doing better.

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  2. Shae Joe (Verified Customer)

    Hey Jae, just wanted to drop a note to let you know the old pussy cat is doing very good, she is eating like a little horse and is moving much quicker, and her deafness seems to have improved. I’m sure her age plays a big part BUT I believe that she also had an infection that made her totally deaf and now it is clearing up and she can hear certain sounds and pitches, now if I clap my hands as she is walking away from me, she hears it and turns to look at me and responds by coming back as I call her. FeLeuk drops are awesome, they don’t even know that it is in their food.
    I think my next purchase will be the wormer. I want to keep that natural wormer in their system since they are out door cats. …LOVE, LOVE < LOVE your products, and I am spreading the word every chance I get. I feel like an Evangelist, sharing the good news and being able to say "You Are Healed"!!!!!! But it's really true!!

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  3. Rachel (Verified Customer)

    THANK YOU!! My Arya was diagnosed with FeLV when she was a few months old. She almost died. The vet we had at the time reluctantly have her a blood transfusion and told us she would be dead in a week. Three years later, after much nursing and six months of recovery, she’s a healthy happy cat. You can imagine my horror when, two weeks ago, she once again began to lose her appetite and will to live. She wouldn’t even eat tuna, and she did nothing but lie on my bed all day long. I force fed her water and prescription-grade food and waited for my FeLeuk kit to arrive. After one dose, the results were astounding. I could see the light in her eyes again. Within a day, she was beginning to eat on her own again. Now she’s jumping up on the counter again to watch whatever I’m doing and purring and playing. She’s happy again, and she couldn’t gage done it without you guys. What an amazing product. Thanks for saving my baby.

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  4. Jessica (Verified Customer)

    Been giving this to my cat for 5 days. He’s 4 years old and has FeV and FIV and cancer. Vet gave him 2 weeks. So far since starting this kit he has gotten better, not worse. Eating more and sleeping less. Even playing a little bit! Prayerfully it will continue to help him get better. Will post an update in s few weeks.

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  5. Andy (Verified Customer)

    Here’s an update on Bailey. This morning her eye is no longer watery and her sneezes are not as severe as yesterday. I’m excited to see her wanting to play this morning and having energy. This stuff is awesome. I’m telling all friends with cats about it. Thank you guys again for sending me your medicine so quickly for her.

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  6. kimwright2006 (Verified Customer)

    Just received this yesterday, but am very familiar with oxy cat and catalyst already.
    Baxter’s eyes were looking a little squinty this morning so I gave him his first dose of the vira. Baxter came to me approx five years ago with an upper respiratory infection that can flare up at times of stress. Since taking the wonderful line of cat lady supplements his episodes are rare and far between, he has also regained his appetite and his coat is very silky.

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  7. LaDonna (Verified Customer)

    my rescue cat already had fiv and leukemia when I gained his trust enough to feed him and keep him here. The vet offered no suggestions. I started adding the feleuk( kit) to his food and, so far, he seems lively and healthy, so I will continue to do what I can to extend his life.

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  8. iselmartinezmarcos92 (Verified Customer)

    Thank you! This product is amazing! Bell has been taking it for four months now and she feels better than ever! She runs around like a normal cat again and she’s almost fully recovered from an almost deadly infection that left her without any balance to the point she couldn’t walk. It really works for FELV + cats. I can’t thank you enough for what you two are doing for our family by keeping our little one alive and happy!

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  9. Am’s (aka Kitty Boy) Family

    My cat started hiding in the closet more than usual (not coming out at all). He wasn’t eating, drinking or playing so naturally we took him in to see what was going on. He was diagnosed with Feline Leukemia and so they kept him overnight, and gave him a blood transfusion. I immediately started looking up natural remedies to help boost his immunity and anything that we could give him to help. I’m SO glad we found the Two Crazy Cat Angels. He was supposed to stay longer but it was getting costly. Plus, hey wasn’t eating at the hospital so we decided to take him home where he would feel more comfortable and spoiled. A few days later our drops arrived. Am (he is the other half of Siam – his brother is doing way better than ever before. He runs around, jumps high, and plays with our other cat more now. Everyday I tell him that I’m so glad he is feeling better.
    We add both of the drops to his food daily and they have no taste whatsoever so he has no idea that they are even there. Huge plus since cats will sniff food and if they do not like it, they will not eat it.
    Thank you, thank you THANK YOU!!

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  10. Deborah (Verified Customer)

    We’ve been using this for 2 weeks and Aspen loves it! He seems to be feeling great and we are happy! Thank you!

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  11. Amy Ellis (Verified Customer)

    Put my two Calicivirus cats on this and it has helped both tremendously. They are so much more active and no more sneezing or runny eyes! Thank you so much. Highly recommend this product for Calicivirus cats that have the upper respiratory problems.

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  12. Marjorie Murray (Verified Customer)

    I just want to say THANK YOU! Firstly to Jae for calling me back herself! It’s virtually unheard of for a company owner to return a call and you gave me wonderful advice and were so patient with my endless questions. Thank you again! Secondly for your products! Rascal was near death when I brought him home from the vet. As per Jae’s recommendation, I switched his diet to raw only and gave him the supplements and literally 2 days later he was running around my room in circles, full speed ahead! My vet’s recommendation was to put him down. I’m so glad I didn’t listen! Now he sleeps on my pillow and purrs us both to sleep 🙂 There are no words to describe how grateful I am!

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  13. Barbara (Verified Customer)

    Last year, I adopted a 4-year old male, FIV-positive kitty that was rescued from the streets of Baltimore. He was very symptomatic but after plenty of TLC, raw food, lots of supplements, and the help of an holistic vet, his symptoms resolved for 7 months. Suddenly, in February he became symptomatic again. The holistic vet gave him another course of homeopathic and herbal treatment but it did not alleviate his symptoms. He was already taking so many supplements and eating so well, I ran out of ideas. I found the Two Crazy Cat Ladies and ordered the FeLeuk Kit. Although it has not alleviated his sneezing, snorting and coughing, I have researched the ingredients and plan to keep using both products because I am convinced that they contribute to good health. I appreciate the unbelievably fast shipping and Jae’s recommendation to contact Pam Roussell, Purrrfectly Holistic. Pam did an health assessment and found that he had sensitivities to a variety of environment allergens that caused his immune system to over-react. She designed a protocol that includes a vaccine and liver detox, and I hope they will make the difference for Thom.

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  14. Roberta (Verified Customer)

    Your products are amazing. I started giving the CATalyst a little over two weeks ago and the boys have no problem taking it in their food and licking the bowls clean. So far, no vomiting. Tiny was also pooping twice a day which concerned me but ever since I started him on CATalyst, he’s pooping once a day so he is absorbing more nutrients. I’ve also been giving Callie ViraX for his FIV and he has no problem eating it with his food. I know it will help to build his immune system. Thank you so much for your wonderful products. I’m spreading the word.

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  15. Erik Gomez

    After having been told that our situation was hopeless with our cat Oliver, he was diagnosed with feline leukemia, we decided to give the FeLeuk kit a try. It’s been 2 weeks and he is doing GREAT!! He had been down and looking tired and lifeless and now he’s his old terrorizing little cat self. (Oliver just loves to cause mayhem and trouble. lol). So I highly recommend the TWO CRAZY CAT LADIES products. They have let us have our cat back and hopefully he’ll have a great long life!! Thank you TCCL!

    basically lifeless. The vet basically said he couldn’t do
    anything else and we’d
    probably be putting Oliver
    down soon. I was devastated. I couldn’t accept just giving up so I went online and found TWO CRAZY CAT LADIES and immediately I

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  16. Michelle M Miller (Verified Customer)

    Easily given to my cat every day to support her immune system!

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  17. Kirt Hankton (Verified Customer)

    This is my second review. My first one was last July when we were also told that our cat AM “Kitty Boy” probably wouldn’t make it much longer. I kept searching and searching on the internet for natural supplements and thankful to this day we found the 2CCL’s!! It’s now a little over a year and Am is still with us looking handsome and still active.
    The price it is WELL worth it because it works and it’s much cheaper than the Vet.
    THANK YOU AGAIN!! 🙏🏼 🙌🏼

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  18. Christy Lancaster (Verified Customer)

    I started using this after my 14 year old little man developed a cold and was suffering with eye drainage and mucus like stuff in his eyes.. he was also starting to show signs of his age, with trouble playing and movement.. since I started putting this on his wet food his eyes are clear and bright, his breathing is alot better and he acts like a spunky little guy again . I can’t say enough good things about this stuff.. it is worth every penny..

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  19. Melissa (Verified Customer)

    Ordered this for a cat I took in that wasn’t doing so good and was unable to catch to bring to the vets. Seems to be helping a lot. I’ve also tried this on my other indoor kitties when they seem to have colds or viral infections and it seems to really clear things up quickly.

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  20. Janine R Hill (Verified Customer)

    This is the second time I’ve used this. The first time Boots recovered very quickly and was healthy for several years. After a week of using them again he’s feeling much better already. Let’s hope for several more good years!

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  21. Bayla Baker (Verified Customer)

    I just got the product, but EVERYTHING that I have purchased from these ladies is amazing.

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  22. Anonymous

    very good

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  23. Marge (Verified Customer)

    Excellent stuff! I had two sick cats with upper respiratory infections. Nothing prescribed by the vet/s were helping. I’ve been giving them this product for 4 days now and notice a huge difference. The sneezing is greatly reduced, their breathing sounds much better, runny eyes along with the coughing is gone!

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  24. Madison Moreno (Verified Customer)

    OUTSTANDING! My DaVinci caught a kitty cold and was feeling miserable. I ordered this product and he started feeling better the day after I gave it and it was knocked out in 3 days! His sister started sneezing and I immediately gave her a dose and it knocked that cold out of her! I’m thankful to have something in my kitty first aid kit now to FINALLY be able to help my babies (7 of them) when the sneezes start to get them through it quickly and hopefully not catch the cold at all. Not to forget Catalyst….it’s ALWAYS a winner to use on a daily basis.

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  25. Capers (Verified Customer)

    Love these products for my cats!! I add a few drops of each to their food every other day and it really seems to help with their fur and over all health

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  26. Katie

    I started seeing improvements within a day! Thank you Ladies!

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  27. ubey62 (Verified Customer)

    Great product,we rescued an outside cat,took to vet diagnosed w ith felv ,keeping her regardless,your kit stopped cough and sneezing,I think she’ll have a great life no matter how long

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  28. tonya (Verified Customer)

    no taste and simply add to wet food. thank you for this product. Wolfie is acting better by coming for his dinner and not hiding anymore.

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  29. Ann (Verified Customer)

    Adopted a neighborhood cat (actually he adopted us), and after a wellness visit to vet, found he was fiv +. He was very run down, low energy…after neutering, good food regimen he still had very red gums and difficulty eating. After antibiotics, I found your site, did some reading and purchased your product. He is now active, playing and very loving. We realize his life may be shorter because of this disease, but your product appears to help provide a better quality of life for him.

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  30. Cheyenne James (Verified Customer)

    I have not tried the combo pack with catalyst yet, I initially bought just the vira-x. The vira-x seemed to slightly improve symptoms in the beginning, but by the end of the bottle my cat seemed back to same symptoms. I didn’t have the success everyone else did. I bought this combo pack to see if the catalyst helps build his immune system and to give it another try. Haven’t had enough time to see if it works yet. If symptoms don’t greatly improve, probably won’t purchase again.

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  31. Dustin (Verified Customer)

    Tried giving to my cat in food she turns away used syringe & gave it orally for 2 days it made her sick so I’ve been looking for something else to try

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  32. George Montecalvo (Verified Customer)

    Hi guys. I bought this for my shop cat Mitsu. It seemed she had a respiratory infection. She had mucus running out of her nose and watery eyes. I could tell she wasn’t feeling well so I gave this a try and she has definitely improved! I just ordered the larger size catalyst for her. Thank you guys for a great product!

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  33. George Montecalvo (Verified Customer)

    Hi everyone cat dad George here. I bought the Catalyst & vira-x for my shop cat Mitsu. She had a respiratory infection. Sneezing, runny nose. Poor girl, so i decided to give these products a try before going for another round of antibiotics. It’s been a few weeks and now I’m on my 2nd bottle of each! I waited to write this review to see if they helped her or not and I must say she is definitely doing better! So I can say without hesitation these products work. She’s not completely cured bet she’s continuing to improve. Doesn’t even know it’s in her food so it must truly be tasteless (you know cats). If you’d like to see Mitsu or our 5 house cats check us out on instagram

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  34. Kim (Verified Customer)

    After hearing recommendations, I ordered the FeLeuk kit for my FIV+ cat who had an on-going upper respiratory infection. He sneezed multiple times a day, often with blood droplets (no mucus). We tried L-Lysine for a month, yet it didn’t stop the sneezing. After 2-3 weeks with this kit, his sneezing has almost completely stopped. Now it’s more periodic (not daily) and no more blood. He’s a much happier kitty! We plan to continue this combo to prevent another sneezing episode and keep his immunity as strong as possible. Thank you!

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  35. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    No more respiratory issues due to FeLV

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  36. Ray (Verified Customer)

    This is a gift for my daughter she loves your products

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  37. Danyelle R. (Verified Customer)

    Love these products!!

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  38. Mr. Felix The Cat (Verified Customer)

    I didn’t get a chance to use it the luekemia took over so fast. But I will use other products for my senior cat

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  39. Debra Esteves (Verified Customer)

    Using this with my outside feral cat I’ve named black a art because he looks so rough. He has some gunky stuff happening on his face, and I can not catch or touch him. This has help to clear and clean him up some. We are still working with it. Bottom line, it is helping.

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