Have you ever noticed how fascinating your cat’s teeth really are? Cat teeth are way different than human teeth – and for very good reason.

Humans are omnivores. We are made to eat and digest both plant and animal matter. Cats are obligate carnivores. We all know that carnivore means ‘meat eater’. Obligate means ‘by necessity’.

This fact about the fabulous feline species is most apparent when you look at your cat’s teeth. Incidentally, this fact also helps us understand how important diet is for our feline companions. All animal thrive best when they eat what is necessary – or species appropriate – for them.

4 Facts About You Cat’s Teeth

  1. Cats can’t get cavities! They have long and short, sharp and pointed teeth of a predator. There are no flat surfaces in a cat’s mouth where cavities can form.
  2. Cat have 26 baby teeth but 30 permanent teeth. A cat’s kitten teeth will fall out around 6-7 months old and are replaced by 30 permanent predator ‘weapons’.
  3. The enamel on cat teeth is thinner than ours. This makes their teeth more prone to breaking and cracking.
  4. Nearly 80% of cats will suffer from some kind of dental disease by the time they are just 3 years old. It’s important to note that cats won’t show their pain. Instead, you may notice your cat not eating or pawing at their mouth when eating.

Understanding our cats is a lifelong journey. Better understanding what makes them unique as a species helps us better care for them and be proactive about their health. Learning how susceptible our cat’s teeth are to dental issues is one of the most important lessons we’ve learned. The hard way. We hope these cat teeth facts help you avoid our mistakes – and helps you cat live a long, healthy, pain-free and happy life!

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