Dental disease is at epidemic levels in cats, despite the fact that more than 95% are fed kibble. Common sense tells me that the idea of kibble keeping teeth healthy would be false. Don’t you agree? There are many ways you can keep your cat’s teeth healthy and feeding kibble isn’t one of them.

First let me start by saying dental health and keeping your cat’s teeth healthy is more important than you might think. Did you know by the age of 3 years old many cats have significant gingivitis and many also have periodontal disease! An infection in the gums can spread into other organs and cause significant health issues and disease. Since the progress can be slow and the pain associated with it gradual, our cats can adapt and hide their discomfort.

Here are four tips to keep your cats mouths healthy:

  1. Get an annual dental checkup done by your vet. If needed be sure to have a dental cleaning done.
  2. Brush your cat’s teeth and/or give supplements to help keep the mouth clean and healthy.
  3. Feed your cat a low starch, fresh food diet to avoid plaque and tartar build up. Nutrition is the foundation for good oral health. Keep in mind, kibble no more cleans our cats teeth then a crunchy chip would clean ours!
  4. Give your cat a raw meaty bone for them to chew on as the best natural toothbrush, this keeps both their teeth and gums healthy!

So keep an eye on your kitty and watch for any signs of oral issues; things like eating less, or eating more gingerly, drooling and bad breath  Let’s not wait to the point where our cats are showing signs of an issue and be sure to get your cat’s teeth checked at least yearly but twice a year is even better!


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