Helping To Keep Senior Cats Happy & Healthy

We’ve had senior cats in our family for over 15 years and we’ve learned lessons from each one of them. One of our most recent lessons came from our 19 year old who was declining in health after grieving the sudden loss of his bonded buddy. I’d like...

Open Or Enclosed Litter Box?

There’s a world of opinion out there about whether an open or enclosed litter box is better. It’s too bad we can’t just ask our cats for a definitive answer. Or can we? It’s generally understood by us humans that bathroom time is quite...

3 Random Deadly Things For Cats

Let’s explore 3 random deadly things for cats to to avoid – to make sure they enjoy all 9 of their lives. Cats are known for their curiosity – but as we’re about to see, sometimes curiosity can kill the cat. We know outdoor kitties face many...

Can I Feed My Cat Meat?

Cats are obligate carnivores – needing real meat in their diet. But can we feed them just meat alone? Many cats are big fans of canned tuna, chicken – even the mysterious potted meat. People often ask us if it’s OK to feed their cat these canned...
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