Let’s explore 3 random deadly things for cats to to avoid – to make sure they enjoy all 9 of their lives. Cats are known for their curiosity – but as we’re about to see, sometimes curiosity can kill the cat.

We know outdoor kitties face many dangerous or deadly things if they roam alone outside. But our curious indoor only cats can also fall prey to some surprises we (and they) may not expect.

3 Random Deadly Things For Cats

  1. Salt Lamps. The warm, pink glow of a salt lamp is pretty cool. Many people have them because it’s believed they have many positive properties – like boosting mood and better sleeps. But this glow ball can be deadly for cats. If cats lick the lamp excessively, they could die of salt poisoning. Excessively being the key word. An occasional curious lick should not cause panic, however many cats can become addicted and keep going back for more, causing a build-up of sodium toxicity. And salt poisoning is deadly for cats.
  2. Rubber Bands. Everyone has a stash of rubber bands in their house somewhere. We have a ‘junk drawer’ with all our random stuff from tape and screwdrivers to sticky-notes and rubber bands. Sometimes when we’re rummaging through it, a rubber band will fall out – and you guessed it. It’s an instant toy for our cats. As entertaining as it is to watch them toss and chase the little rubber, the issue is many cats will chew and ingest them too. And this can tangle up and obstruct their intestines. Incredibly deadly for cats.
  3. Cooked Bones. Cats are obligate carnivores, so it’s no wonder our cats try to swipe our chicken wings – or an entire T-Bone steak. And why not let them? All cooked bones are brittle. They will crack and splinter in a cat’s strong jaw. These splinters can wreak irreparable havoc – perforating your cat’s insides. Deadly. In contrast – raw, meaty bone (like those our obligate carnivores would eat in the wild) are great for cats. Not only do they provide rare enrichment, fulfilling a feline’s instincts to chew and tear at prey, they are also a great benefit for a cat’s dental health.

The curiosity of cats is one of the cutest things about them. Watching them explore new things downright entertaining. Let’s just be sure these new things are safe. While cats may have a reputation for 9 lives – dodging certain death with their savvy skills, sometimes curiosity can kill the cat.




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