3 Tips For Reading Cat Food Labels

Reading cat food labels can be confusing. It’s also one of the most important things we need to do. Food is foundational – for our health and our cats. Unfortunately, the regulations for cat food allow for some very sneaky marketing tactics. The FDA is the...

Tips For Feeding Kibble

Most of you already know that we do not recommend feeding kibble to your cats unless absolutely necessary. Everyone has different circumstances – and sometimes dry food is the only option.  If you are feeding your cat kibble, it’s important to know safe storage...

How To Extend Your Cat’s Life

You’re a proactive cat parent looking for ways to extend your cat’s life – until forever – right? I mean, everyone wants the blessing of forever with their loved ones. We’re on a mission to ‘build’ the longest living cat(s)....

The Best Litter For Cats

Everyone is always asking us about the best litter for cats. While there are some types of litter that we prefer, there’s not a one-size-fits-all answer to that question. When choosing the best litter for our cat there are several things we want to take into...

Why Do Cats Come In The Bathroom With You?

Does your cat let you pee in peace? Ours sure don’t. But have you ever wondered why cats come in the bathroom with us? While cats seem to enjoy their own bathroom privacy, they certainly have no regard for ours. And God help you if you ever try closing the door...
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