Why Do Cats Come In The Bathroom With You?

Why do Cats Come In The Bathroom with you? Are they protecting you? Is it because it's the only time you are still? Could it be that you're in a vulnerable state?

Does your cat let you pee in peace? Ours sure don’t. But have you ever wondered why cats come in the bathroom with us?

While cats seem to enjoy their own bathroom privacy, they certainly have no regard for ours. And God help you if you ever try closing the door on them.

So why MUST cats follow us into the loo?

Science has no definitive explanation, but that doesn’t stop us from hypothesizing.

Interestingly, potty time for cats is a vulnerable time. Cats instinctively know that they are less able to protect themselves while doing their business. We suspect our cats may feel they need to protect us while we are indisposed. Our Oliver Twist is especially cute about this. He follows me in, lets me get situated, then turns his back to me and sits on the bathmat and watches the door. Cats turning their back to you is actually a sign of trust (it’s also one of they reasons they put their butts in your face). Cats can’t turn their back on a perceived threat, so Oliver obviously thinks I’m a defenseless human and must guard me in my vulnerable moment.

Another (perhaps obvious) suspicion we have is this: Our bathroom time poses an irresistible opportunity for some love and attention. Face it, it’s a rare, captive moment during our busy days – and our cats know it. It may also be a good indication that our little feline friends might appreciate a little engaged more attention.

Cats are also just curious. Maybe they wonder why we aren’t sharing their litter box with them.😹

Whatever the reason our cats are obsessed with this awkward moment, we’ve come to appreciate this special time in our day. Honestly, we wouldn’t dream of closing the door on our little loves – unless we have company over, of course.

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