Cats are beautiful, interesting beings – and sometimes they have peculiar ways of communicating. We don’t always understand their communication skills… mainly because it’s totally different from us humans. Especially when it comes to their butts. Believe it or not, when cats stick their butts in your face it’s not as rude as you may think.

If you read the different styles of cat communication they can be difficult to absorb. From the way they tilt their ears to how they curl and swish their tails – there are different explanations about what cat’s are feeling and thinking. To make it more difficult, not every definition is the same!

Cats Putting Their Butt In Your Face

What we can know, however, is that cat’s communicate differently than us. We wouldn’t ask our friends to pat our butts as a friendly gesture (unless you’re a football player), but cats do. In fact, that’s one of many reasons why cats stick their butts in your face! So rub that bum and see if you can get a purr. πŸ˜‰

Another reason cats stick their butts in your face is because they are sharing their scent with you. Have you ever seen your cats sniff other kitties’ butts? This is because they can detect signals in the oil from the anal glands and some compare this to a human’s handshake. It’s their way of saying “how do you do?” Now… I’m not recommending that you sniff their butt hole when they do this, but just know that this isn’t a rude gesture.

Cats in the wild will often put their backsides to their family members as a way of protecting them. They feel safe with the pride but face away from them in order to shield them from predators.

All in all, a cat’s rear end is a vulnerable part of their body, so when they place it in your face it means they trust you. That’s one thing we all have in common – we can’t turn our backs on a perceived threat. We can only leave our blind side vulnerable to a trusted friend. So – if you find your cat’s butt in your face, just know they’re asking for a little petting, sharing their scents with you or even protecting you… and it’s actually a good thing. Don’t take it personally… take it purrsonally. πŸ™‚


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