Ingredients In Cat Treats You Shouldn’t Ignore

Do you ever look at the ingredients in cat treats you purchase at the store? Most cat parents make their treat buying decisions based on the fun, healthy or exciting packaging label, but oftentimes the ingredients don’t even match what’s inside the bag. My...

Should Cats Eat Tuna?

I’ve never met a cat that didn’t love tuna – but should our cats eat tuna? 25 years ago, while walking along the Tennessee River, I found two tiny kittens. They were trying to stay warm in a plastic bag that they were apparently dumped in. They were...

How To Find The Best Food For Your Cat

Everyone is always asking us what the best food is to feed their kitties. We literally get this question multiple times per day. Can you imagine how much money we could make if we were willing to work with a pet food company to promote their brand? We don’t work...

Do You Treat Your Cat?

If you love to treat your cat when he does something good, this blog is for you. Many cats love a delicious treat from time to time, but there are some harmful ingredients in some of the most popular cat treats that you should know about. Let’s just pick apart...

Cat Treats Matter

We love to treat our kitties and they love to be treated. Whether you’re teaching them tricks or luring them from an unwanted behavior, cat treats are a great way to reward our kitties. However, it’s important to understand what it is we’re feeding...
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